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SUPERMAN hampered by lawsuit?

Plus: WATCHMEN, IRON MAN and DRAGONBALL in your Comics2Film 9.1.25

By Rob M. Worley     January 25, 2009

Now that the 'Watchmen' lawsuit has cleared 'Superman' arguments are on the horizon. Also: 'Watchmen' art on the web, 'Iron Man' dodged a bullet and Emmy Rossum bullish on 'Dragonball Evolution'. Put another log on the fire and warm your hands on your Comics2Film 9.1.25.



Superman Lawsuits?

Following the wake of 'Superman Returns' there's been quite a bit of speculation about if and when the man of steel would get another shot at the big screen, and in what form that might take. The crux of the problem seems to have been the lackluster performance of Singer's film which, while profitable, wasn't the tent pole phenom that Warner Bros. had hoped for. Also complicating the matter was Warner's apparent intention to shape a big-screen superhero universe in the same manner Marvel is doing now.

But little discussion has been given to the copyrights issue over the character, which is now shared by DC Comics and the estate of Jerry Siegel.

According to a report at Newsarama, the Siegels are alleging that the film deals struck between DC Comics and Warner Bros Studios do not represent fair market value. In other words, the Superman license could fetch more money if it were open to all studios to bid on. It's a reasonable presumption given the close coprorated ties between the two companies.

Newsarama links to "several thousand pages of depositions and corporate documents" in the emerging case, for your reading enjoyment and edification. One interesting document they link to is a PDF containing several unproduced scripts written over the past decade or so.



WATCHMEN art online

The new book 'Watchmen: The Art of the Film' is making the publicity rounds.

Over at Ain't it cool News they've got an exclusive look at artwork crated by Dave Gibbons for the film. These are new illustrations that recreate some key moments from the movie, for licensing purposes.

Then IGN has posted concept art created by comics great John Cassiday for the Nite Owl II charcter.



Billy Bob Thornton was (almost ) IRON MAN

Sure, Robert Downey Jr. was swell as Tony Stark in 'Iron Man' but wouldn't you love to see 'Bad Santa' himself in the armor?

Probably not, but MTV Splash Page reveals that Billy Bob Thornton was considered for the lead role in the movie, although the actor concedes the consideration lasted for "just a minute." Check it out:




Emmy Rossum on DRAGONBALL

Emmy Rossum chatted up MTV Splash Page at Sundance. The intrepid rock-n-reel reporters quizzed her on this years manga and anime-based 'Dragonball Evolution'.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.


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MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 1/25/2009 12:45:14 PM

I'm glad somebody pulled their heads out of their asses for that Iron Man with Thornton.  What were they thinking?  It would have been horrible.  What about Marlon Wayan as Rhodey, too, while you're at it.  Not that Thornton is a bad actor but he would have been so wrong for the part.  Funny you can tell the reporter thought it was a  ridicuolous idea too because he immediately thought he must have been up for the villain role, which might have worked but not for the Tony Stark role. And please, God, no Tarzan either.

StarlightGuard 1/25/2009 2:18:32 PM

gotta love Hollywood execs.....they'll kiss your ass one day and bite it off the next

Superman Returns isn't that bad...hell they're awfully glad to sell it but don't want to repeat it

SR earned its dough, yet the real problem these suits have is IT DIDN'T EARN US MORE, THEREFORE, THERE IS A PROBLEM

they always place their expectations too high...a few years ago the benchmark was 100 million long will it be until the benchmark of success is 300 million domestic?

can you imagine any movie raking in that much money, in America alone, that can be called a failure when what they really wanted was 400 million?

the execs need to scale back on their estimates and hopes

avidfan 1/25/2009 3:44:52 PM

Please return again Superman!  You don't have to be dark, just make sure your villian is.  Billy Bob could have pulled off TS/IM probably.

almostunbiased 1/25/2009 4:08:21 PM

Ha, Thorton as Stark would have sucked.

What kills me is the dude can jump tall buildings in a single bound and they think a lawsuit will stop supes???  What's up with that?  I liked Supes Returns for what it was.  Call me nostalgic.  Though you haters will probably call me something else.

almostunbiased 1/25/2009 4:12:01 PM

You know, I don't know what "DragonGall Evolution" is but Emmy Rossum is a cutie.

almostunbiased 1/25/2009 4:22:59 PM

Oh and Aubrey Coleman who plays for Housten shouldn't be allowed to play.  I'm not sure if I'm more pissed about what he did or the fact that he brags about it later and has a little celebratory handshake with one of his team mates as he's kicked out of the game.  Dude needs to grow up.  Where the hell is the sportmanship.  Sorry, just had to complain.

Wiseguy 1/25/2009 4:41:06 PM

I see more troubles for Superman. You think there was indecision when DC called the shots? Now with 2 entities sharing the rights they won't know which way is up.

I think Billy Bob as IM could've been funny ala Bad Santa. Just imagine an IM with an anal addiction sodomizing Pepper with part of his suit on and they're both drunks to boot.

blinkbomber 1/25/2009 5:21:15 PM

hey now, no need to be dissin' Marlon Wayans.  sure he was a white chick, but he was also in Requiem.  i still firmly believe that comedians make great dramatic actors.  but thats just me.

nothing against Cheadle, but i'd take Wayans as Rhodes over Cheadle anyday, haha.

but seriously.


WarCry 1/25/2009 5:32:12 PM

The fact that DC and WB, both owned by the same company, can't seem to figure out what they want to do with their product tells me they need to get some fresh blood in there. I know they probably saved money staying "in the family", but they limit their creative options doing that.


Really, the only studio I can imagine NOT wanting to make a bid on Supes is probably Marvel Studios (and wouldn't THAT be a kick in the head!?!?!)

kwsupes 1/25/2009 8:17:05 PM

Here's the deal Superman is going to stay at WB. In the end WB will cave to the Siegels just to keep Supes on the lot. In the end that will either cause the suits to go out and get the best people to make a Supes movie (Geoff Johns and Richard Donner) so that they can make their money back or they will group think this dude to death and the next Supes movie will be worse than SR and be the final movie for twenty more years because the studio will lose money. Meanwhile Twenty years from now The Dark Knight Returns starring a fifty year old Christian Bale will gross 2 billion dollars at the Box Office thanks to inflation.

By the way Thornton would not have made a good Iron Man. Maybe they could get him to play Nick Fury since Sam Jackson has passed on the part.

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