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"Superman Returns" Stars Want to Fly

    November 21, 2006
Source: www.rottentomatoes.com

"I'm just hoping I fall out of a building or something," says Sam Huntington of his sequel dreams. Huntington plays Jimmy Olsen in the new 'Superman Returns' franchise. "Something where he has to catch me and pick me up." Tristan Lake Leabu, who plays Lois Lane's son and an obvious superkid, is hoping for some more action as well. "I most want to fly and I just want to mainly fly," said the five-year-old. "I'm looking forward to get more super powers than this one." Eva Marie Saint, who plays Martha Kent, wants to give Lois some parenting tips. She too has raised a super son. "The point is I have a grandson now," said Saint. "I can give Lois a few instructions, what to do, how to do it. Maybe I'll get to fly which I wanted to do in this one."More...


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