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'Superman' still grounded?

    January 12, 2008
Source: www.variety.com

An article in Variety seems contemplates notion that Bryan Singer won't return to the director's chair for  'Superman: The Man of Steel'.

Bad box office of the original and bad timing on the sequel have plagued prospects for the production.

Singer collaborators Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris bailed out of the project last year. Just as new writers wear gearing up to pitch a new, action-oriented storyline, the WGA strike hit grinding things to a halt.

On the books, the movie is now targeted as a 2010 release with a $170 million budget and Singer at the Helm. Singer is definitely on board to produce, and apparently another of his projects, 'The Mayor of Castro Street' has gone to another director, which may free him up for 'Man of Steel' after all.


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