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Sixbeyond 5/21/2012 5:28:11 PM

I need to say that superman would crush hulk.He deals with monsters like hulk all the time and everytime they fall.When or if superman dies he comes back  10x meaner,stronger,and smarter.Hulk has enormous amounts of strength and the angrier he gets the stronger which is almost unstoppable if you get him there,but another thing about hulk is that he has infinite strength basicly.Superman doesnt which is hulks advantage.But superman won't die unless you have kryptonite but hulk most likely won't have that.Yes superman did die on Doomsday but he wasn't forced to exactly,he let himself because it would cause everyone else to die which wasn't a smart choice say that he was trying to protect them.He came back way stronger and smashed Doomsday so he could do the same to hulk.Superman has laser,freezing breath,power,speed,flying ability.Now  hulk would only have to be tooken from atmosphere full speed and pumbled into earth with super speed punches soon crushing him into only blood.Your question is how would he get to atmosphere but supes has ways.Its only my opinion the creators I say should decide and simulate but its moostly what we think and they are of just theories from how they are defeated,well some are lol.bye

DocSamson 6/14/2012 3:17:49 AM

 If youve ever read a large portion of Hulk and other related material then you would know that he would eventually if not sooner than later destroy "Ol' Blue Boy". The Hulk is not just strong but fast, he adapts, he doesnt need to fly he has shown the ability to be able to change direction in mid jump and so many other abilities not commonly pointed out. In fact after reading soo much material about him it becomes obvious that they actually had to slow the pace on him because eventually it would have been impossible to have the Hulk, it wouldnt be possible because the plot of every comic would go something like this "Hulk shows up, he kills EVERYONE!!!!. The end. . . . forever." Seriously, he like Wolverine would show up in numerous comics on a monthly basis but he wouldnt save the day everytime, instead he shows up kicks someones ass and then just leaves or shows up next issue and then does it again. It was ridiculous, the Hulk was eventually just impossible to even think about him getting beat by anyone. To see Superman fight the Hulk would be like watching a really smart five year old fight a slightly unintelligent bodybuilder. Hulks eventually going to get his hands on supes and mangle him, just start tearing things off even biting peices off, it would juts get horrifying. Everyone saying supes going to throw him into space and blast him with lasers or somehing else are really overlooking the obvious, everything he would try has been done and failed. He is not all powerful he is not god like. The Hulk is considered an act of GOD!

Huami 8/16/2012 6:33:53 AM

 Who wins the fight is clearly dependant on the bias of the imaginer. My bias is towards superman, always and forever not only because of his physical qualities, but also the kind of character, values, and upbringing he's had. Going into the logical detail on why superman is victorious here:

Both characters have a limit. In order to have someone victorious, you'd have to have limitations. If characters were infinite, then there would be nothing to discuss, just as there is no discussion for the outcome of an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. Language has the capacity to form paradoxes like these. In this case, superman's limit is greater than hulk's simply with this short scientific fact:

Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, only transformed.

With that statement in mind its already clear the crown goes to superman. His energy is from the sun, the sun that is responsible for sustaining all life in our solar system for billions of years and billions more to come. A googleplex amount of joules of energy is stored within superman. There is a limit however, and you will see that superman dies from overexposure to sunlight. Which is quite realistic because no physical form can ever store an Infinite amount of energy (watch All Star Superman)

Let's look at the hulk, he's bruce banner, a human, that was exposed to gamma rays and has acquired the ability to transform into a hulking beast that grows stronger according to the extremes of his emotions. Now the rational behind hulk's character is that anger is the antecedent for his extraordinary strength. But that doesn't mean Hulk doesn't already have the strength to begin with. His anger and rage is what causes him to release large quantities of energy - an energy that was already potential within him which he transforms into kinetic via the exertion of his muscles, the production of adrenaline, the strengthening and tearing of his sarcomeres. His energy source is not his anger, rather, his already structured physicality, the anger only serves its purpose as a catalyst for release. The statement 'the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets' is a childish innaccuracy. The true correct statement is 'The angrier he gets, the more reckless he becomes'. Recklessness isn't a measure of power. And I doubt banner eating mcdonalds chicken nuggets is enough to give him power as the hulk to match the energy of the sun itself.

So there you have it, the reason why superman wins is that his power level is logically and scientifically higher than the hulk's, quite exorbitantly higher I might add. There is no logical source for Hulk's power to equate that of the man of steel, because frankly, emotion is an intangible concept, only a completely stupid person would say emotion is a source of energy. Emotion won't power your house, emotion won't give energy for plants to convert via photosynthesis, emotion won't fill your empty stomach. End of discussion.

Helos 8/18/2012 2:20:59 AM


You have no legs, but your absolutely right

Best regards,


WhiteGeek 12/3/2012 3:59:31 PM

 ChadDerdowski good fight that would be the only way Superman could true beat Hulk. However Whatif.... 
just as it’s looking like we’re going to see another Doomsday scenario, Kal-El whisks the Hulk off to the Arctic Circle. Useing all His migth Superman try keep Hulk pin as he flys at his top  speeds. But Hulk so over power superman hold Both Hulk and Superman fall to earth land somewhere in canada .

Superman now know he can't hold back and gets gets his bearing land softly on the ground.
The Hulk see this Flying Man  is trouble he must smash him show that he is the strongest. Hulk hit the ground hard 

Round 2 

Superman usehis heatvison  full force on the Hulk not let up for till he here a lound cry coming somking earth 
"Glowing Eye man hard Hulk, Hulk rips  Glowiing eye man head off!!!!!!" 
Hulk let out Thunderclap... smoke clear and as Sonic Boom hit Superman super ears He drop in to ground in pain blood comeing out of his ear Hulk act on this moment of weakness  in man of steal smash him into the ground.

Hulk  is on unstopable rampage Superman can"t get way Hulk lays  punch after punch into Superman soon pool kryptonian blood cover the land.

In one last power move Superman grabs Hulk blast off  to heaven Both these Powerhoues are on there last straw 

Hulk all but out of steam
Superman Is on death door

as they hit upper asthenosphere Hulk get in blow in to Superman 

This both hit the ground Hard 

Hours later  Banner wakes up in more pain then he every been in his life He see man of steal Look as if he was dead Banner Know who did rush to see if there was in hope of save this great hero

Lucky for Superman Banner was able to stabilize him till Superman's Robot  got there take man of steal home to rest and heal 

the end....? 


Kekoa420 12/24/2012 12:01:42 AM

I have put a shameful amount of thinking into this fight. I have thought about it since they came out with the Marvel Vs DC comics of the 90's. I could honestly give a rational case as to why either would be the victor of this battle just as many who have posted in this query have. Hulk would win because he is eventually going to be stronger, Superman would win because he is naturally more gifted etc..

I am not biased towards anyone. In fact, I kind of volunteered at a local hobby shop in Henderson, NV for a couple summers, before the owner had to close down : (  where I spent alot of time reading many comics. My favorite were always Superman and Batman/JLA for DC, and Spiderman and Hulk/Avengers for Marvel. In all honesty I actually believe Batman is probably the most underestimated and dangerous hero around, but thats for a different time. That being said, lets get into the fight aspect.

We are going to assume for arguements sake that both of these "fighters" are in their "primes," with all powers available. You have the Hulk, whose feats of strength are very well known. And we have Superman, The arguably immortal "Man of Steel," who has saved the planet AND the universe from threats of cosmic proportion. One thing many fail to realize is that in recent comics, Superman has also been classified as a "max strength unknown" character. We all know that Hulks strength is also limitless. Those of you that believe that Hulk cannot survive in space are also incorrect. He has also developed into pretty much an immortal character. With that being said you are now trying to compare beings with limitless possibilities into a limited universe.

When we look at it from this aspect we realize that there will be no winner. This would be the superhero equivalent af nuclear deterrence, or M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction). All other powers aside this comes down to potential energy output, of which neither will have an established "cap". Those of you that argue Supes has one needs to do a little more research, as writers have changed this since the Doomsday arc. After a few minutes the battle would all but level the planet of which it takes place. Then, they would knock each other from solar system to solar system destroying entire star clusters from impacts. Eventually, they would destroy the entire universe with this battle because, like I said before, their access to power is limitless in a limited universe.

DarkHellRage 1/17/2013 10:52:28 PM

Will I hate to say it but superman would win because of many reasons. One superman is powered by are yellow sun so unlimited energy right there also he can go into the sun and get super charged. Two he can lifted over 6 quadtrilliontons witch he moves the earth yeah epic. Three he can move at a extremely fast speed faster then light. Four I may of dont know what the move is called but he can make the molecules in his fists vibrate at a extremely fast speed to send anything to oblivion. Five he survived when two plants crashed to gether. Like I said I hate to say it but superman wins hands down I like the Hulk hell like marvel more then dc but superman is just to over powered. 

Alaska 2/15/2013 2:54:47 PM

 Ok for all of those who don't know, the Hulk was sent into space and floated for years and came back.  The Advengers tried to send him to another planet in another galaxy and he left and then retured back to earth.  Then he can also survive to temp. of the sun.  So even if Superman could get the Hulk into space he would just come back madder than ever and then own Superman.  Superman does have more ablities but in the long run after Superman is all out of tricks. HULK SMASH!!!!!!

Deathstroke171389 4/29/2013 10:11:33 AM

      Superman can run on only solar energy and dosent get tired or worn out if there is a yellow or blue sun. Besides hulk is an idiot to realize that a red sun can only get rid of superman's powers. Superman can withstand 15 super novas to the face and can move the earth effortlessly. Hulk can't be stronger than a man with no limits while he is a limited creature. Also doomsday did not kill superman only put him on a solar energy weakened state. Hulk can regenerate but so can superman and if superman go's to space there is no way that hulk can get there since he has no way of flying without assistance. Superman can go in the suns core for fifteen minutes and be able to have the strength to lift about 6.6 quintillion tons. So superman is as strong as he needs to be.

gopherblaster 11/14/2013 8:22:44 AM

 Superman vs anyone would always end the same way.  Superman throwing them into the sun.

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