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monkeyfoot 9/17/2009 9:32:14 AM

This is a great topic, Mania. Every comic fan's big argument! But you sure couldn't do this with Submariner vs. Aquaman. The winged one would kick major ass.

I'm on the Superman side, because of intelligent and his multiple powers including the oft mentioned super speed. Supes has repeatedly beaten massively strong opponents usually by smart use of his abilities.

And if it came down to an absolute toe-to-toe slugfest, do you know who would win? In the moral world of comic books, it would be the one with the most righteous justification.

In comics, if the hero is battling for a moral cause, literally nothing will stop him. If Supes is fighting what he thinks is just another dumb brute in Metropolis but the Hulk is fighting to save the life of someone he loves. - HULK WINS. And if the Hulk is just on another mad-on but Manosteel is trying to save Lois or even innocent civilians - SUPERMAN WINS.

If they are both fighting for what they care for - then at some point they realize it and join forces to go after the bastard who set them up.   

FerretJohn 9/17/2009 9:32:46 AM

First off, everyone keeps calling Hulk mindless, which he isn't.  Green savage Hulk is very child-like and simple, but he is not stupid.  Buried under there is Bruce Banner, world class nuclear physicist, and though Hulk doesn't exactly spend his time doing complex math he does have access to that intellect.  It may look like a Commodore 64 but the processor is still a Pentium.  Second, while Supes is undeniably faster he rarely uses the flash-speed in combat and, as most of his opponents remember too late, the Hulk is a lot faster and more agile than he looks.  Supes has the heat vision and the super breath, but against Hulks healing factor, which makes Wolverine look like bleeder, they would just be an annoyance, and you know what happens when the Hulk gets annoyed.  Who would win?  I honestly don't know, the only way Superman would win is if he doesn't hold back, if he goes for the kill, which he won't do.  Who would lose?  Anybody within a hundred mile radius of the fight.

jedibanner 9/17/2009 9:35:33 AM

I guess we have to consider all the powers of Superman against the Hulk so, here is my take on this:

Heat vision: The Hulk has withstand being in the planet's core so, the heat vision of superman wouldn't be that effective. The Hulk's healing power is also something that would protect him against the heat vision. Winner: Hulk's stamina

Cold breath: Might as well say a the Hulk would be fighting a cold. It's not something that would have any effect on the Hulk so, this one again, is not something in favor of Superman. Winner: Hulk's body

Superspeed: This is the one that could affect the Hulk. Would it be his downfall? Probably. Hitting osmeone at superspeed is not good but, hitting a wall at superspeed, it would take time for the wall to fall over and the Hulk is way more stronger then a wall. Hulk was able to withstand the might of Thor, Colossus, Thing, withstand Thanos, Silver Surfer....the Hulk could and would withstand Supes super fast punches. It would only be  amtter of who would do what next. If Supe calculates which powers he will use while hitting the Hulk at superspeed, Winner is Supe. If the Hulk gets mad and just hits anything that moves around him, it would be enough to smash Supes and it would stop his superspeed and then the fight would start again. Winner: superman (but, it's a win of power, not of the battle)

Strenght: Winner Hulk, no contest (against 1986 Supes of course). The Hulk is stronger, stronger then Silver Surfer, stronger then Thor, stronger then darkseid, it's a done deal. Why? We all know why. Supe is as strong as the hulk but, once the hulk gets mad (and every battle makes him mad), it's over, the Hulk's hit would damage Supe exactly like Doomsday did, he would get hurt more and more and Supe would loose speed, strenght, stamina and then the Hulk is down. Winner:Hulk

Battle skills: Supe has probably more skills then the Hulk (unless we are talking about  WWH). The hulk would just smash until he's done and that's it. He's a bit slow but at least he's unpredictable. Supe is probably at an advantage here being a good friend to Batman and Wonder Women and also being in the JLA, I'm sure they have talked and practiced battle skills. Winner: Superman


So, overall, my view would be the Hulk wins it because he can withstand Supe's power enough for him to get mad enough and smash Supes. That's my take on things  but we all agree there is so much variables that this could go on and on forever.

ChadDerdowski 9/17/2009 10:36:36 AM

Perhaps if we put boxing gloves on the two and set them in opposite corners of a ring, we might get a little banter, a little talk about the old days and then Hulk would ask Superman,

"Do you wanna ring the bell?"

To which Supes would reply "Ding, ding!" and just as the two went at each other, the picture would freeze and become sort of an abstract painting of these two legendary brawlers doing what they do best, ala the end of Rocky III. 

It's a burning heart, Maniacs, and it's just about to burst.  It's a quest for answers... an unquenchable thirst.

animefanjared 9/17/2009 11:26:00 AM

To me, this article points out the big problem with each of these two characters and explains why they're so tricky to write for and also put onscreen.  Both are nigh invulnerable, so there's really nothing you *can* do to either one of them.  The characters are never in any real danger, and you don't really wonder about the outcome of the battle.  Heck, even the old Superfriends cartoon, has hokey as it was, knew this was a problem; why else do you think the Legion of Doom had a seemingly endless supply of kryptonite?  It was the only way they could pose any kind of threat to Supes.  Same thing goes with Hulk; they always have to trick him or basically contain him until he calms down, because no one can really beat him in a head-on fight.

All that said, I do fall into the camp that thinks Superman would ultimately best the Hulk by outsmarting him.  As most posters pointed out, Supes would lure Hulk out of the city, away from people, and then stick him in the Phantom Zone.  He wouldn't throw Hulk into space because that would kill him, and Superman won't do that.

monkeyfoot 9/17/2009 11:41:12 AM

Animefanjared, I see your point.But I've never thought of that as a good excuse for poor storytelling. These two characters have existed for decades with great stories by great writers. They've been put in all sorts of dramatic scenarios that have them in jeopardy that readers have enjoyed. They wouldn't have been around this long if it was only, "Here comes trouble! I'm indestrucible and unstoppable! Smash! Bam! Happy ending!" 

I think it's more the fault of poor screenwriters, especially for Supes that you might not have liked some of the movies.

lancedenier 9/17/2009 11:41:22 AM

I love it.  You bunch of Marvel Fan Boy Tool Boxes.  You start every post with some variation of "I hate Superman" because he's too powerful and then you proceed to describe how the Hulk - allegedly not all powerful or you would hate him too - would kick the snot out of Superman. 

Golden Age Superman VS Any version of the Hulk: Superman wins and kills the Hulk, cruely.

Silver Age Superman VS Any version of the Hulk: Superman wins and cures Banner of his affliction.

Byrne Superman VS Any Version of the Hulk : Superman wins, kills the Hulk and dies in the process 50% of the time.

Waid Superman VS Any version of the Hulk: Superman wins using Kryptonian Kung Fu and unlimited power at his disposal.


BTW, not a Hulk hater at all, in fact I'm a big fan.


mgibson17 9/17/2009 1:32:21 PM

This is an area of contention that is left solely to the whim of the writer.
With each new scribe at the helm these heroes take on new powers and new vulnerabilities.
Sirs- and Gentlemen;
It is a moot point to speculate on the outcome of any matchup, as the writer is and remains the final arbiter. Hulk will win should the writers get together and decide he will win.
Didn’t we learn anything from Professional wrestling?

littlemikey979 9/17/2009 2:07:04 PM

Can you imagine hearing this fight in the distance, boom, boom, boom, Hulk screams, boom-boom, it would knock your fillings out

Wiseguy 9/17/2009 2:21:59 PM

I think the Hulk wins as well. He'd fight Superman off long enough to deplete his energy reserves.

But bottom line agree with mgibson, whoever writes the story decides and you have legit ways of explaining why either one would win.

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