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okonomiyaki4000 9/18/2009 6:36:28 AM

 That could never happen. Penguins live at the SOUTH pole!

timesobserver 9/18/2009 7:35:54 AM

To those who are saying that the Hulk has Banner's brains have to realize that the Hulk doesn't have access to Banner's intelligence. If the Hulk had, do you really think he'll refer to himself in the third person?

Also, someone mentioned that Superman and the Hulk are so tough that they can't be beat and they don't face any real danger.

However, in the past, we've seen Superman and the Hulk go up against other foes or heroes and have gotten beaten.

So they do face real danger, but it will be harder for them to be beaten.

fft5305 9/18/2009 8:14:36 AM

Superman would win.  Here's why.  He would use his superspeed to grab the Hulk from behind and fly him up into space.  By the time Hulk could react, he'd be in a vacuum.  Even assuming he was able to catch his breath, he'd only be able to survive for a few hours.  Supes could deposit in on Jupiter or Saturn and fly back to Earth.  Hulk suffocates.  Case closed.  Of course, I just discovered a flaw in my own reasoning.  Superman would have to kill in order to win, which we all know he won't do.  Hell, I don't know...  I'll go back to what monkeyfoot said.  Whoever has the moral justification wins.

TheWheelwright 9/18/2009 8:21:55 AM

 If we are staying true to what the characters are, there would be no contest Superman wins hands down. Superman is as strong as the Hulk give or take, and virtually as fast as the Flash. The Hulk is plenty quick no doubt, but he isn't able to move at even a fraction of the speed that Superman is. Defeating the Hulk would be as simple as dodging all the blows that the Hulk threw, scooping him up (at high speed) and tossing him into the vastness of space. The Hulk can survive the harsh conditions of space, but he eventually needs to breathe. Without air he would simply die. He also doesn't have the ability of self propelled flight so he would most likely drift in space for eternity. He could fling him into a black hole as well...if he wanted to be particularly cruel.

jedibanner 9/18/2009 8:44:04 AM

Speed is one thing Wheelwright but, Hulk is fast also (obviously not as fast but still).

My view is that the Hulk is a powerhouse. His strenght is beyond what Superman has. This is a fact, it's recognize everywhere, the Hulk is stronger. He can take a lot of pain.

Superman TRYING to pick up the Hulk would not be as fast as you think because even if Supes grab Hulk to throw him in the air, the Hulk would just hang on to Supes and then it would become a fight of fist since the Hulk would never let go of Supe. The micro second Superman get's close to to Hulk, it's over for him because his strenght would just increase and the Hulk would pound Superman like yesterday's diaper.

The goal for the Hulk is always to smash...he needs to be up close to do damage and superman would try to throw him far and away and it would be his downfall.

This is a subject that could be discussed to death unfortunatly but I would prefer to think the Hulk would win.

lancedenier 9/18/2009 9:53:12 AM

"His strenght is beyond what Superman has. This is a fact, it's recognize everywhere, the Hulk is stronger." - jedibanner

No, it's your opinion.  It's also the reason why this is a pointless arguement.  I think a better question would be: Assuming these characters really inhabited our home planet, which one would you want to win?  The raging murderous monster known as the Hulk or the shining beacon of Truth and Justice, Earth's protector, Superman?  Imagine a world where one monthly rampage by the Hulk caused a 9/11 amount of death and destruction every time.  Now where do you stand?

The argument that Superman would lose because he wouldn't pull out all the stops is patently false.  Superman has killed in the past (Doomsday, Zod 2) and would do so in this case especially if he knew anything about the Hulk (as in the fact that he's a mindless monster) beforehand.  If he knew that Banner was his alter ego, he might try to neutralize the Hulk to save Banner but ultimately, Clark would choose the lives of many over the life of a single innocent man.  It would be a glorious battle to be sure but Superman, IMO, would prevail.

I saw some BS about the Hulk's sonic boom slap hand maneuver overloading Superman's super hearing.  Seriously?  Weak.  He can control and turn off super hearing.  It's the same reason why he doesn't constantly shoot heat vision ala Cyclops; see through everything around him all the time or constantly hover or fly everywhere.

Superman's powers are granted by 1) Superior Kryptonian genetics and 2) living under a yellow sun.  Byrne had his powers altered to where he was a solar battery.  FWIU this is no longer the case, thanks to Mark Waid.  My personal opinion about Superman and Krypton in general is that their technology had eventually gotten to the point where it was indistinguishable from magic and in fact it was magic.  They "maginetically" altered their genes over the Millenia to become one of the most advance civilizations in the DC universe.  Exposure to Sol's magical yellow rays have turned Superman into a magical being and he is vulnerable to magic and Kryptonite (also magical imo) and Hulk has neither.

And as for this assertion that Banner, "one of the 5 smartest guys in the Marvel universe" has an intellect superior to the son of his homeworld's greatest scientist, Jor-El, himself a member of perhaps the most advanced humanoid civilization in the DC universe (perhaps second only to the Oans imo), is a joke.  Superman moves and thinks faster than the Hulk by many magnitudes.  Flying the Hulk into space would be simple for the Man of Tomorrow, even while the Hulk was pounding away trying to "smash" the Last Son of Krypton.  Eventually hurling him into the unknown, where Banner emerges and dies a horrible death in the cold vacuum of space.

"The madder Hulk gets, the stronger hulk gets."  It's funny how a 1960's line of third person speak from the Green Goliath has been etched into everyone's memory and is the be all end all solution for many of you in this situation.  Really?  That's like saying hornier I get the longer my erection becomes into infinity.  Superman has limitations (Kryptonite, Magic, Red Sun), so does the Hulk (he's a squishy four eyed human 90% of the time, he's dumber than Rob Liefeld) and so does this arguement.

Lsn22s 9/18/2009 8:58:40 PM

Hulk eats Superman...

Lsn22s 9/18/2009 9:01:17 PM

...then turns into Blue Hulk and can fly, has heat vison, x-ray vision, cold breath and super speed. Destroys everyone and everything everywhere....

or not...

Inferno 9/20/2009 12:03:59 PM

"His strenght is beyond what Superman has. This is a fact, it's recognize everywhere, the Hulk is stronger." - jedibanner

Of course, you're assuming Hulk can reach Superman's strength class in mere seconds. As I've posted before. Superman stores energy, he doesn't need to do anything to get his strength class or any of his other powers up to par with any other characters. Superman would have to irritate Hulk to a certain point to reach his own strength class.

Have you read the Imperiex comments I posted at all?

mbeckham1 9/20/2009 12:32:02 PM

Actually, the Hul;k's infinite capacity for strength is well established in Comicbook continuity.  It's bgeen disccussed by other Marvel gheroes, it may even be in the Marvel Universe Handbook.  he taps his strrenth and mass fsrom an extradimensional source and the emount he taps is duierrectly  related to hios rage and/or pain.  That's why when Hulk's body was beiyng completely controlled by Bruce'sa rtational mind in the erities, he was much less striong than he was when the Hulk's id was in control. And why his strength was virtually linitless when Loki took Bruce Banner out of the equation altogether in Hulk vs. Thor.    As for Superman's hearing doesn't he use that to tell when people are in trouble.  Don't you think that even if he could turn it off he'd tend to leave it on in the quite likely event this would be one of those days when Lois fell off a sky scraper.  (Note to the Mayor of Metroplois, Guard rails look into them, Superman will thank you.)  I mean, say what you will about Gotham City Administration,but odds are if you fall off a building in that town,  It's because the Joker's pushing you off.   

Also didn't Lex use sound to temporarily subdue Superman in the first Superman movie.  It didn't keep him down for long but I'm only talking a second  for Hulk to grab Supes cape and throw him down, not that the siound would knock him out by itself.  I think he ended up blasting the source of the sound in the movie before he could move on, and this was the movie that said he could reveserse the flow of time by flying really fast against the rotation of the Earth. 

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