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zoosk 12/31/2009 11:34:52 PM

Superman versus Hulk. There's no definite answer when it comes to comparing 2 giants such as these. Nonetheless, lets try to compare these anyway. Before we can even start to debate who would win a fight between these immortals; we have to assume that both of them are going to have a go at each other relentlessly i.e. without any second thought(s). In other words we will have to rely on some basic assumptions before we can even start to argue. Firstly, since this is an argument to decide who is stronger, we can't let the suphero's morals get in the way since they only limits the character's true strength. I know the whole crap about how personality defines a superhero and all, but not in this case, where the fight is for survival. Secondly, let us assume that both- Superman and Hulk- have completely lost their ethical inhibitions and are only focused on killing each other. Having these 2 basic assumptions established, lets go on to decide who might have the upper hand. And we have to leave out the idea of having Kryptonite involed in the battle because that is clearly a weakness of superman's strength and that would be putting him at a disadvantage rather than placing him in a fair situation to start off with. And this logical progression equally applies to the the idea of reddening the sun or using the red krypton ring against Superman or something equally absurd. On that note doesn't it make one wonder about how really vulnerable superman is. Anyway, the point I am trying to make is that we should argue this battle on fair grounds of reasoning.
Firstly, in a fight, the 2 most important elements to win a battle rely on brains. Regarding brains Superman has the upper hand. But beware that superman isn't smarter because of some misconception of Hulk being on par with the thinking ability of a 5 year old- because through the comic editions, movies and cartoons the Hulk actually learns to control his power and be able to think like the nuclear scientist that he is as Bruce Banner. It is because Superman is a much older character in the comic world than Hulk; hence he has more experience fighting criminals. Therefore, experience gives Superman the upper hand. In essence, Superman only needs to out think Hulk in a battle to "possibly" win.
Secondly, might is right. But who is more powerful- Superman or the Hulk. As much as I would like to have a simple answer to this qustion- I don't. Yes, Superman does have a vast plethora of abilities that may out number Hulk's abilities- but most of his abilities are virtually useless against Hulk. Let me show you why!
Freeze-breath will only freeze the Hulk- what else could it possibly do? The ice would eventually either have to melt away or Superman would have to punch the ice to hurt the Hulk; therefore, breaking the ice.
Some may even hypothesize that Superman could use his flight abilities to suffocate Hulk by flying him out to outerspace. But because of Hulk's regenerating capabilities to adapt to any environment possible, flying him off to space wouldn't really do much to the awsome Hulk. And neither could Superman be suffocated in space because through out his development in the comic world even he is able to "survive in the outer vaccum of space without oxygen" (96, The end of history)
Speed is an advantage that superman definitely has. Infact, that would be an understatement because superman has been known to travel at speeds greater than that of light itself-esentially stopping time. So Hulk could never catch superman if he was to dodge every punch the Hulk could possibly throw at him. But if it is a fight to the death, then dodging is quiet useless since superman will eventually have to face his opponent at one point or another.
Now we are almost ready to evaluate the last of superman's abilities; those are his stength and his heat rays. I won't bother mentioning his x-ray vision because it only serves for the purpose of looking through walls and g-strings (laugh!). It is true that Superman's strength is limited; but his maximum strength is presumbly immeasurable. He may not be entirely invulnerable but he is almost invulnerable. But neither is Hulk's strength infinite or immesurable because it is only limited by his emotions. Lets face it, there is only a limit to how angry anyone can get. Theoretically, Hulk's strength increases proportionally with his emotions; but how angry can the Hulk get. Bruce Banner did not mention that his power had no limits, he only stated that his power relied on his emotions and his emotions were not limitless. So neither is Superman invulnerable nor is Hulk's power limitless. With these 2 misconceptions settled there is yet another point that is needed to be made. It is that neither Superman nor Hulk have actually ever fought at their max potential. This is so because Superman always ends up giving up because he is either to pious to kill or unwilling to break his usual moral code of conduct due to the devasation that his true powers could cause to the citizens.
Now Superman couldn't possibly try burning Hulk with his heat ray vision because Hulk has been known to have withstood temperatures even that of the sun. And because Superman's heat ray vision is limited by the power of the sun the Hulk could easily endure the heat of the vision.
I'm really a batman fan, so I couldn't careless for who's stronger, but here is my conclusion after my complete and total assessment of my personal evaluation. Superman might be stronger at first since it would take a fair amount of time for him (Hulk) to warm up to the man of steel's strength. Possibly, Superman could knock him out clean before the Hulk could even reach his state of maximum strength (which relies on his limited emotions). If not destroy, Superman could atleast send the Hulk off into space, causing the Hulk to be lost into the vastness of space. But it doesn't really count as destroying him- if you see what I mean. So Superman might have the upper hand since he doesn't have to wait to get stronger unlike the Hulk. But before concluding anything note that it's very hard to tell anything since we don't even know how angry the Hulk can actually become in order to reach a level of strength to match Superman's strength if not surpass it. And even if the Hulk could become really strong, we don't know how strong Superman really is because he has never really fought at his max strength.

Here is a note of interest. Theoretically, Superman becomes stronger the closer he gets to the Sun, so is it possible if Superman could fly Hulk into the sun and fight him there where he has an advantage to himself. Another thing; since superman can essentially stop time because of his speed, could he punch the Hulk at super fast rates so that the Hulk woudn't even have time to react. This would obviously weaken the Hulk before his body could even repair itself or before the Hulk could even get any angrier. With that said, its hard to really think that the Hulk could get angrier if he is in a continual state of pain and agony. Plus with the advantage of speed, Superman could lay more punches in a given amount of time than the Hulk could in a life time.


Sanderson, Peter (June 1986). "The End of History". Amazing Heroes (96). ISSN 0745-6506.
Feel free to correct me.

DCorMarvel 2/2/2010 3:48:43 PM

Hey i have read both marvel and dc since a kid and i love 'em both. Hulk and Superman are both strong beings, but there is no argument-Superman would win! Even without all the other abilities, superman would still beat hulk. Superman is almost invulnerable, whereas hulk's skin could be easily penetrated by superman! Now there is an argument that since Doomsday and superman went at it that hulk could also go at it with the man of steel, but its not the same: If hulk and doomsday went at it, the fight wouldnt last a minute, Doomsday would slaughter Hulk-even with hulk's "the madder iget, the stronger i get" deal. Lets face it, hulk does get stronger but only to a certain point (he can only get so mad anyway). there will never be a point where Hulk could get strong enough to move mountains.

Comparing both movies and comics, Superman would be the Winner. Another reason is that the Hulk is not some normal being that Superman wouldn't kill (Superman's morals=weakness). Superman could still pierce the hulk's chest and rip out his heart even an hour into the battle.

On a Side note, Superman and Doomsday both die, with only Superman coming back. Or in a different story they both come back from the dead, and later, Superman finally kills Doomsday in another battle.

But any way, it would still be interesting to see Superman and Hulk go at it (even though hulk would be screwed). 

sakas 2/5/2010 8:53:01 PM

I'm willing to give this to Superman, however this fight has been done and debated too often the real question should be who'd win between Supes and the Juggernaut?

zoosk 2/19/2010 2:06:48 AM

  In response to Doc Marvel:

I agree with your conclusion, but I do not agree with your line of reasoning, needless to say that I don't even understand your line of reasoning. In fact, do you even make sense when you make a point at all. All in all, what I only see are nothing but mere repetitions of what I said earlier on. You mentioned how there is a limit to the strength of Hulk; so did I. By merely paraphrasing the argument on Superman's invulnerability you're only re-stating what I said as well. Additionally, what does Doomsday being able to beat the Hulk have anything to do with how strong the Hulk is compared to Superman. By adamantly and obstinately stating that Superman could rip out the Hulk from his Chest; you are only re-iterating what you said earlier on by stating that the Hulk's skin is impenetrable. Please, induce some constructive criticism to my earlier article, rather than rattling on about something which only results in shabbles.


DCorMarvel 3/5/2010 10:04:36 PM

WOW zoosk, u make it seem like i was talking to u, which... i WASNT! I was not responding to what u said. I was simply(please note simply) stating what i resonably thought was likely. It was NOT complex!! I wasnt even trying to reason. But it seems ive hit a sore spot of yours UNintentionally, resulting in u criticising me. Anyway... i dont have much time to type it all out (unlike you, zoosk), cause i have a life, so i gotta go.

zoosk 3/7/2010 12:57:52 AM

  Hey DCorMarvel,

Apologies for my response man. Don't mind me since I was only playing around with anyone trying to argue with me; even though I ended being more sadistic than sarcastic. That was a horribly failed prank on my part. In reality, I am not even a fan of comics-just someone who likes to challenge people on their beliefs about issues covering almost anything. You see I was so bored that one day I contemplated writing an article on this topic only for the fun of it- I enjoy rhetoric since I am studying apologetics and philosophy in Cincinnati. But yeah...what ever dude I respect your views, let alone the fact that I am probably wrong in some of the arguments I lay down under the pretense of my limited knowledge of the comic world.

P.S: I must have been really bored to write an almost 500 word essay on Superman and The Hulk, right?



gokudo99 3/26/2010 2:46:46 AM

I hate it when people underestimate what the Hulk can do, so here's a little history lesson. One of The Hulk's most well known powers is his incredible strength. The Hulk can lift 100 tons when calm. The madder The Hulk gets, the stronger he gets caused by an extra surge of adrenaline(so anything that causes a surge of adrenaline can make Hulk stronger, not necessarily anger). This does not cause an additional gain in mass (an item which is shown only in the 2003 "HULK" movie). To date, there is no known limits to The Hulk's strength. He held up a 150 billion ton mountain range on his own during the 1st Secret Wars(so DCorMarvel, the Hulk CAN move mountains). The Hulk even stopped the Juggernaut dead in his tracks(while Juggy was running), a feat that is supposed to be impossible. He broke Onslaughts armor, he moved The Blob, he destroyed a meteor 3 times the size of earth with one punch, all things that would be a trial for even the strongest heroes and yet the Hulk pulled them off without breaking a sweat. He has even taken on entire teams of heroes and villians with relative ease. Abomination and Rhino teamed up against him and he beat them both to a pulp. In The Incredible Hulk volume 1 #300, a race of aliens abducted Hulk and conducted experiments on his brain, when they dropped him back on earth he went on a murderous rampage. Dozens of heroes came to stop him, all the X-teams, both Avengers teams, the Fantastic 4, even S.H.I.E.L.D(just to name a few), and they all failed. It wasnt until Doctor Strange teleported Hulk to another dimension, that the madness stopped. The Hulk is a very durable guy. His skin is very hard to penetrate, and even if you succeed, he has a greater healing factor than Wolverine. He also has shown the ability to resist mind control. Banner just recently discovered another power that The Hulk had, and that is the ability to breath under water. Over the years, The Hulk's body has developed a gland that allows him to breath fluids. The Hulk can travel up to 3 miles in just one leap. He has also been know to make a verticle leap to the outer edges of the atmosphere.

DCorMarvel 3/27/2010 12:13:56 PM

No-he held up a mountain, but he can't toss it like a baseball, Superman can though!!

As to the meteor, it was not compacted like the earth-there is no way hulk could do destroy the earth!!

As for the the other marvel heroes-they are not that strong-Marvel has made them weak and comparable with each other-while each one has its strenghts against other heroes, they also have weaknesses that care exploited by other heroes(Therefore no Marvel heroe can be close to being superior, no matter the arguments.)  Its no wonder Hulk was able to bring them down!!

Beaten to a pulp? NO!! Abomination is the hulks match, though he doesnt get stronger the madder he gets(he IS stronger than the hulk at a start).

Another thing-Hulk is limited. he can only get so mad. Im sorry as i dont remember the specific issue, but gokudo99, as a hulk fan, im sure you know of the comic issue i speak of.

And, wolverine had many chances to kill hulk by cutting his head off. he also had metallic disk placed over banner so that when he turned into the hulk, he would suffocate!!(he didnt want to kill banner-just the hulk)But banner was able to get wolverine to take it off when he jumped out of an airplane and wouldnt turn into the hulk-once wolverine took it off, banner hulked out and landed with wolverine safely.

Truly, Superman would own Hulk!! Hulk's skin is penetratable by 'earthly' weapons while Superman is effected in no way.

Honestly, I dont see how this this argument has gone as long as it has. Out of all the comics I have read(Both Superman and Hulk), Hulk has almost always had a tough time with his fights, while the only tough time Superman had is when foriegn 'aliens' come to earth or when kryptonite was involved(like with lex). But i know a post will pop up on 'how "wrong" I am', so..."let fight continue..."

DCorMarvel 3/27/2010 12:18:12 PM

By the way, since hulk can take out juggernaut, Superman would have no problem(Superman has moved objects only juggernaut can dream of and no earthly-living thing can hurt superman(unless kryptonite is involved)). Plus Superman can fly!

DCorMarvel 3/27/2010 12:22:07 PM

To Zoosk:  Hey its ok, i took it to heart too much anyway,lol. You were mostly right on what u said. No hard feelings lol

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