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'Superman' writers fly away. Is 'Man of Steel' headed for a do-over?

    October 22, 2007
Source: www.variety.com

Today's Variety suggests that the 'Superman' franchsise may be headed for a 'Hulk'-style "do over" after the lackluster performance of Bryan Singer's attempt a few years back. That's what some industry insiders are claiming, although Warner Bros. is publicly stating that plans call for a conventional sequel.What is certain is that screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris have bowed out of the sequel's development. The pair had teamed with Singer on 'X2: X-Men United' and 'Superman Returns', and were expected to write the script for 'Superman: The Man of Steel'.At this point the official line is that Dougherty and Harris are too busy with other projects. Dougherty recently written and directed "Trick 'R Treat" at WB as his first pic. Harris is writing and directing the book adaptation "I, Lucifer."Warner Bros. downplays talk that the much-disparaged "super boy" plot element and the soft box office have them scrambling to reimagine 'Superman' again. Instead they insist that Singer and Routh will return to deliver an action-packed sequel.Clearly, launching an all-new 'Superman' would only further add to the brand confusion the character may be suffers. Currently there are two actors, Brandon Routh and Tom Welling, portraying the man of steel in live action ventures. When 'Justice League' launches there will be a third.At this point a new writing team has not been named for 'Man of Steel'.


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