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  • Title: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse Special Edition Blu-Ray Review
  • Rated: PG-13
  • Cast: Tim Daly, Kevin Conroy, Summer Glau, Ed Asner, Andre Braugher
  • Writer: Tab Murphy
  • Director:: Lauren Montgomery
  • Distributor: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
  • Original Year of Release: 2010
  • Extras: See Below
  • Series: Superman/Batman: Apocalypse


The World’s Finest Vs. Apocalypse

By Tim Janson     October 04, 2010
Source: Mania

© Mania

Superman/Batman Apocalypse is the latest DC comics original animated film, this one featuring the World’s Finest pair of DC’s flagship characters along with a couple of guest stars.


The Movie

The film opens with news reports of President Lex Luthor’s impeachment which is interesting because Luthor plays no role in the film. It’s a nice nod to continuity from the Superman/Batman: Public Enemies film. An object from space crashes into Gotham harbor. It turns out to be yet another Kryptonian spaceship, this time carrying Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin, and the future Supergirl.

While Superman welcomes his cousin warmly, Batman is concerned that her lack of training with her powers could endanger innocent people. He conspires with Wonder Woman to kidnap Kara and take her to Themyscira where she can be properly trained to use her abilities. However someone else has his eye on Kara…Darkseid! Darkseid wants Kara be the new leader of his Furies and sends a horde of Doomsday clones to capture and bring her back to Apokolips. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, along with Big Barda journey to Apokolips to try and rescue Kara.

Superman/Batman Apocalypse returns Tim Daly and Kevin Conroy to the roles of Superman and Batman that they voiced in the 1990s animated series’. These guys are like comfort food and DC needs to stop experimenting with other actors for their voices. Summer Glau, best known for her role in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, voices Kara about as you would expect, in a somewhat exaggerated teenager whiny voice. Only Andre Braugher disappointed as the voice of Darkseid. He didn’t hit the right notes of power and malevolence that Darkseid should. Ed Asner is a treat as Granny Goodness.

There are a number of issues with Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. First, despite the title, this is clearly Superman’s film. Batman is just along for the ride and doesn’t have a lot to do. Batman just doesn’t work well in these ultra superhuman stories. He seems to be included only to give Superman an antagonist when it comes to dealing with Kara. The idea that Batman and Wonder Woman could somehow ambush, and overcome BOTH Superman and Supergirl is silly.

Superman/Batman: Apocalypse played more like a multi-part episode of Justice League and doesn’t have the kind of cachet and impact that comic fans had hoped for. It’s not terrible but it’s a few notches below Public Enemies and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths.


Blu-Ray Extras

DC Showcase Presents: Green Arrow (11:14) – the latest DC Showcase animated short feature finds Green Arrow at the airport to pickup Dinah Lance and stumbles upon Merlyn the Magnificent and the League of Assassins who are trying to kill the 12 year-old Queen of Vlatava. Features the voices of Neil McDonough as Green Arrow, and Malcolm McDowell as Merlyn. This is another strong entry in the DC Showcase series.

The Fourth World: The New Gods (22:10) A look at Jack Kirby and his creation of the Fourth World mythology. Features interviews with Dan Didio, Paul Levitz, and Walt Simonson. Covers each of the four titles that Kirby both wrote and drew when he came to DC in 1970.

New Gods Profile Mr. Miracle (5:00) A history of Scott Free, AKA Mr. Miracle in the comics and his being raised on Apokalips.

New Gods profile: Orion (4:37) a history of Orion, the son of Darkseid.

Supergirl: The Last Daughter of Krypton (18:00) An in-depth history of Supergirl character from her introduction in Action Comics in 1959 to the present. Looks at the changing roles of female superheroes in comics.

Sneak Peek: All Star Superman (10:00) A preview of the next animated film from DC adapting the popular series written by Grant Morrison and his re-envisioning of classic Superman stories.

Bruce Timm Presents Four Bonus Cartoons Featuring Darkseid from Superman: The Animated Series.



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Chris Beveridge 10/4/2010 1:16:10 PM

 I'd rate it a bit higher. I enjoyed it a lot and it did a good job of bringing the elements from the comic together with some decent action and keeping to the PG/13 range pretty well. I haven't read these issues in some time so there was enough of a disconnect, but i was surprised at how into it my ten year old daughter was. Lots of solid female characters who battled it out toe to toe with everyone and stood firm. Made for a fun evening watching it. The extras were a touch weak with the backgruond stuff, which I usually enjoy greatly. Was neat to see the various incarnations of supergirl though through tv and movies as well as touching on her disappearance from the comics. They do manage to make the comics look exciting which I've always liked.

violator14 10/4/2010 2:33:52 PM

I wonder if Batman ever gets frustrated working with real superheroes with powers. They talk, and then just fly away. ANd he's left standing there like, "Fuk, where's my ropegun.... dam, there arent even any buildings around here to grapple....   *starts running*   "    =T

tjanson 10/4/2010 3:25:39 PM

Violator...HAHAHAHA.  That's Gold!

Chopsaki 10/4/2010 3:34:12 PM

I really liked the battle on Themyscira against the Doomsday clones. The only major problem I had was no Michael Ironsides as Darkseid.

SolaChristos 10/4/2010 6:21:39 PM

 @Violater14 - Lol....

goldeneyez 10/4/2010 6:42:36 PM

I didn't really think it was that great.  I'd give it a C/C- actually.  Braugher, who I think is great, really didn't fit as Darkseid.  Maybe they needed to do something with his voice to make it more menacing, but it never worked for me.  While it was a pretty good adaption of the Superman/Batman comics of recent years, it wasn't as good as all of the stuff they did in the original DCAU with Darkseid vs. Superman.  Maybe it's because they only had one show vs. seasons to work with the story, but it just wasn't that great to me.  It was kind of like the Cliff's notes of that particular story.  I think my favorite of the new DC movies so far are teh Wonder Woman one, the Crisis one, and the GL one.  None of the others have lived up to those so far.  I really wish they would have gone through with the Teen Titan's Judas Contract one, but they decided against it...

Anyway, I wish I'd have rented this as opposed to buying it.

SolaChristos 10/4/2010 8:11:26 PM

 @Violater14 - Lol....

Betenoire 10/4/2010 11:37:59 PM

I also would rate it a bit higher. And didn't WW and Bats have help ambushing the Super cousins. It wasn't what it could have been but having nly read the first chapter of the collection I didn't see the end coming at all. Very nice, though maybe letting this creative team write their own unique story might work better. How many people will be heard in comic stores saying "It isn't a bastardization of my favorite story so I shall not purchase it" anyway. But the Arrow short was great-see original stuff can work.

And this may get me thrown of the board, but I am no longer sure of Kevin Conroy as Bats. He just doesn't seem to connect to the role like he once did.

Recycling the eps got old though. Seriously, they have 4 seasons of Batman, three Sups sets and both the JL and JLU cartoons to choose from and the same episodes keep reappearing for extras?

And the BB exclusive Superman figure-FUGLY.


Duckbeaver 10/5/2010 12:00:23 AM

Braugher seemed too "nice" or Saturday morning-like to play Darkseid convincingly.  Other than that, it seemed like an enjoyable adaptation of the "Supergirl" run.  It was a treat to hear the JL/JLU Trinity together again.

NotAFan 10/5/2010 4:14:09 PM

You need someone with a deep bass voice for Darkseid! Michael Duncan Clark Would have been a much better choice and he is always doing Voice Acting work anyway! That casting lady Andrea really wanted to work with Brauer so she made him Darkseid! Big mistake! I saw an interview with her and she seems to cast people that she likes and wants to work with rather than people that best fit the part! That's why Mark Harmon was Superman in JL:Crisis...  Another miscast! Made Superman sound like a feeble Old man! Maybe it's time for her to retire!

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