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thecheckeredman 10/5/2009 7:37:43 AM

B/S:PE -- Though I have enjoyed the DC Universe animated film (beginning with Superman: Doomsday) I was a little disappointed with this effort.  Following two supreme efforts like Wonder Woman and Green Lantern: First Flight, this time around it felt like the producers put the cart before the horse.

Having read the PUBLIC EMENIES storyline at the time of publication, I was riding high of Ed McGuinness' crazy balloon-muslce heroes and the rock-m sock-m panel to panel action of DC's two premiere heroes like we've rarely sen them before.  What MADE this storyline was the internal dialogue of both characters as they commented on themselves, each other, their missions, their tactics, everything from their own POV.  The early scenes that parallelled thier "origins" with Supes and his rocket and Bats and his 'rents' murder was so well done by writer Loeb.

Sadly, none of this insight, and only a small trace of the characterization Loeb pulled out of these (often time stale) legends made it to the surface in this film -- a true disservice to the project on the whole.

The animation and direction was suitable for what the producers created, a brutal slugfest based upon Loeb's plot (and plot only).  The job was done, mission accomplished.

The run time is acceptable considering what we got.  Another 10-15 minutes of this and my face would have melted.  It was over-the-top pointless action.

I'm sad that Loeb's book got stripped down so much.  I'm not mad they hacked out the Bat/Supes Family reunion rescue/assault on the White House more than I am they just LEFT OUT the major detail of these two legendary heroes' friendship and mutual trust in one another.  Sure they blatantly tell you in dialogue, but you never get shown by the filmmakers why that is.

These same problems exist in WB's other "direct adaptation" films such as Superman: Doomsday and New Frontier -- both epic adventures in book form dilluted to a few smack down scenes that you're suppose to give a crap about.

The DC/WB direct to DVD animated films have been far better when the filmmakers are working off an original screenplay rather than a direct adaptation of a particular storyline.   

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