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littlemikey979 3/3/2011 11:40:29 AM

Who is the world saw this coming? Not that I am complaining. I think she will make a good Ma Kent.

krathwardroid 3/3/2011 12:45:25 PM

I see they are taking a cue from Smallville and making Jonathan and Martha Kent younger.

silversurfer 3/3/2011 1:12:57 PM

Diane Lane is a good choice, and yes definitely a MILF

InnerSanctum 3/3/2011 2:09:21 PM

 Superman's mom is HOT...and young.  

kalkent 3/3/2011 3:04:06 PM

Ehh good actress and def a milf but unless this is taking place when hes a baby i dont see this working.  The Kents could not conceive childen and were of age when clark was found..

wish 3/3/2011 3:26:50 PM

Well I think there is little doubt now that this will be a reboot with an origin story because Diane Lane is not the grey-haired mom back at the farm in Kansas.  She's gorgeous, she's talented and she's got star power beyond most women her age so this is definitly a step in the right direction.  Cavill is pretty much an unknown to anyone outside of the Tudor watching crowd so the more actors/actresses of this caliber that they can surround him with the better.  I have a feeling Viggo is up for Pa Kent and not Zod but I'm rooting for Costner. 

wessmith1966 3/3/2011 4:17:20 PM

Lane and Costner as Clark's mom and dad sounds like great casting to me. As Batmite said earlier, it's weird that Supe's mom is only a year older than I am. Jeezus I'm getting old! lol

I'm sure Costner won't want to die in the film. I mean if Diane Lane was your wife you'd want to live a loooooooong time! She's such a timeless beauty who's looks better than a lot of today's "hot" actresses half her age. And the great thing is she's a terrific actress.

McQuestion 3/3/2011 4:24:46 PM

 Will Supes kill me if he finds out I really want to bang his mom?

WarCry 3/3/2011 5:33:34 PM

 I think Diane Lane is an fantastic, but under-used and under-appreciated actress. I think this is good news!

ddiaz28 3/4/2011 7:40:19 AM

Who says they won't age Diane a bit with make up?  And who says Cavill is going to play his own age?  Have they said how old Clark will be in this film?  I think the age thing is a moot point to argue about.  The talent of the actors portraying them is what is important and I think Lane and Costner fit the bill.

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