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SUPERMAN's New Working Title

Plus: TINTIN, DARK KNIGHT and More in your Comics2Film 9.2.22

By Rob M. Worley     February 22, 2009
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Dose  'Superman' have a new working title?  PLUS: 'The Dark Knight' scores a cool billion. The music of 'Tintin'. 'Green Lantern' is heading down under. '20th Century Boys'  reviewed. 'Smallville' and more in your long and winding Comics2Film 9.2.22!



John Williams to score TINTIN

Filmonic reports that Legendary composer John Williams will be scoring 'The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn'. That's the new CGI animated movie being made by Steven Spielberg. The pair have collaborated famously on numerous movies including 'Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark' with its unforgettable score.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



Review: 20th CENTURY BOYS

Empire Online takes a gander at the new live-action movie based on the manga and anime '20th Century Boys'. The verdict? 3 stars:

"Headache-inducingly convoluted plot and cast of characters but the action and faithfulness to the series is impressive. Be aware that this is definitely a trilogy and the ending reflects this."

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.




Well, we've been calling it 'Superman: The Man of Steel' for years now, but an intrepid citizen journalist has discovered that the folks at Legendary Pictures are calling it something else now.

Alex Litel somehow gained access to a password protected area of the Legendary website, and exposed summaries for several upcoming projects including the much-puzzled-over Superman sequel. They report that the film is now being called 'Superman Unleashed'. Here's the summary they uncovered:

"Ramping up the action of its esteemed predecessor, this sequel to ‘Superman Returns’ promises to raise the stakes and take the audience to heights of action that no other superhero movie can achieve."

Not much info there, but interesting to learn they've got a new title in mind. There's been some discussion of Bryan SInger pursuing a "Superman as an angry God" approach to his sequel, and the new title certain seems to dovetail with that. On the other hand we have no idea if Singer is staying on the franchise, and many indicators seem to suggest he is not.

Litel also found summaries for the '300 Sequel', 'Batman 3', 'Akira' and others. They are all equally informative. Apparently the summaries have since been removed from the Legendary website, but /Film was able to confirm Litel's report.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.



DARK KNIGHT: Billionaire!

Check out Mania's Box Office Report for news on 'The Dark Knight' breaking the billion dollar mark. The film is in an Oscar run-up re-release and broke the bank on Friday.

Congrats to the 'Dark Knight' crew!


GREEN LANTERN Lensing in Australia

Ain't it Cool News reports that 'The Green Lantern' movie will shoot in Australia later this year. Production is to be split between New South Wales and Victoria.

They source the info to the paid-subscription-only filmmaker resource Screen Hub.

Thanks to Antonello Blueberry for the submission.




It would seem so. has gotten a hold of casting notices for a revival of 1980s super-hero series 'The Greatest American Hero'...



SMALLVILLE #8.20 Spoilers

Speaking of KryptonSite, they've posted spoilers for the 20th episode of Smallville's eighth season. The episode is called "Beast" and features some new developments for the show's erstwhile Doomsday...


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kwsupes 2/22/2009 2:44:29 PM

I don't buy any of the stuff about Supes, he is about to be taken out of Singer's hands. Honestly go out and find a guy who wants to make a good Superman movie that is not a rehash of the first movie. Get Mark Waid, Jeph Loeb, and Geoff Johns to consult on the script and then make the movie we all want to see. I also heard this week that the Wachshowkis were working on a Supes trilogy, don't like this idea at all. I say let them make the first one and then let someone else step for the second two because they have already proven with the Matrix that they are capable of making one great movie in a series and two sorry ones. I don't want this to happen again. I am excited about the GL movie and can't wait to see it. I think a Greatest American Hero remake is well overdue and could be really funny. I think Johnny Lee Miller from Eli Stone would be a great choice for the lead and Victor Garber in the Robert Conrad role. By the way John Williams scoring TINTIN is awesome and really a complete shocker. Who would have thought that he would write music for a Spielberg movie that's...well that's just crazy.


Ok well maybe not.

hanso 2/22/2009 3:08:24 PM

Superman Unleashed, I like it!  Wachowskis Superman equal ownage but if they pass WB needs to get Alfonso motherfrakin Cuaron.  No joke.  Children of Men is an underrated film.

SONYMANswallows 2/22/2009 3:14:58 PM

Titles like this and Batman forever are so lame and discouraging. It doesnt sound awesome it sounds stupid. Who is unleashing him? No body. They can't very well call it Superman Pissed or Superman SMASH (which sucks to just usin an example.

ACTION COMICS the movie would be a much better title. But what do I know Ive only been reading DC and other comics for 32 of my 34 years.

Superman VS (insert Villain name)


SUPERMAN would be fine for every movie, a title is not going to make the bucks but if it is a lame title like Superman Unleashed it will get so much criticism if it doesnt deliver.


How about SUPERMAN minus a kid named Kate Bosworth!!!!

Whiskeymovie 2/22/2009 5:49:37 PM

I can't understand what the hold-up is with Supes. Bring back Routh, who was quite good, bring a new element into the movie other than Lex, and let Singer make his X2 version of Supes......I am also totally on board with the Brothers Wachowski sinking their teeth into Supes if they go that route.....just stop jerking each other off over and WB and make a god damn movie already.

Wallace85 2/22/2009 10:42:50 PM

Superman Unleashed???? What a ridiculous working title,stick with Man of Steel.

wessmith1966 2/23/2009 7:46:36 AM

 I'm ok with the new Superman title if he is in fact unleashed. No more lifting rocks and please no more emo Superman. I've made my thoughts clear many times (check it out in my blog section if you'd like) that I want to see big blue slug it out with someone like Neo and Smith in the last Matrix movie. I really think Singer should be taken off the movie and it should be given to Michael Bay. Say what you want about the guy's movies, but Bay delivers great iconic images and is brilliant with special effects. Atter the whiny Superman Returns I could do with less blah, blah, blah dialogue and more Superman being, well, super!

I look forward to the Green Lantern movie. I'd like to see the first film focus on Hal Jordan, the second one focus on John Stewart with a small appearance from Hal and a thrid movie focus on the Green Lantern Corps. That would make a great trilogy.

I think a new Greatest American Hero show would be fun. I loved the first one as a kid.

John Williams scoring a Steven Spielberg movie? Who would have guessed. His music's enough to make me go see a movie. The guy's amazing.

Wiseguy 2/23/2009 11:05:06 AM

Agree with sony, that title sounds ridiculous. Especially for a franchise that wants to be "darker and grittier".  Unleashed just sounds campy. And like sony said who the eff is unleashing him.

I'm glad GL is on the move but why not film it here. This is where it's going to make most of its money and the Aussies already said they don't want to give this stuff any tax breaks.

And wes, have to disagree completely, any trilogy needs to focus entirely on Hal. He has the most history and the best material to for a trilogy. Kyle, John and Guy combined don't equal 1 Hal.


swisshammer 2/23/2009 12:14:22 PM

This just in:

Many production houses confirming new titles for popular and anticipated films.

1. Indiana Jones 4 official title confirmed as "Indiana Jones Bustin' Out"

2. X-Men Origins: Magneto official title confirmed as "X-Men Origins: Magneto Gonna Put the Smack Down"

3. Clash of the Titans official title confirmed as "Clash of the Titans: Take Olympus"

4. Batman 3 official title confirmed as "Batman 3"

Seriously, can't they at least try to give these movies good titles? Get rid of Singer and bring on a director with some balls so that I don't have to watch another remake of Superman.

babyPUNCHERalpha 2/23/2009 1:33:41 PM

Unleashed?......queer "The Dark Knight"=Batman......"The Man of Steel"=Superman thus that needs to bethe title and Superman isn't dark or brooding like batman, he called the boy scout. returns put him in a pretty close "darkness" i guess but it is still a GOOD movie, who wants Bay? Bays good but Singer made a smart movie not the normal plotless actionier loaded with CGI, 100 meaningless fight scenes and causes you IQ to plumet. But he should fight somone that could knock him around with or without Lex.........hopefully no kryptonite though. Every actor from returns was good especially Routh.

Green lantern......ABOUT TIME once they've done Hal's movies there is Jon and Kyle(favorite). GENIUS.

hanso 2/23/2009 3:15:39 PM

If they do a Green Lantern trilogy they will base it around Hal Jordan.  Sinestro ain't the main villain in the first film, so you know they will save him for the sequel.

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