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BunyonSnipe 2/4/2011 1:58:59 PM

This film has no relation to Smallville, just because she dies in Smallville, makes no difference, they just create another version of Chloe...

hanso 2/4/2011 3:54:57 PM

 Hobbs!  You're alive, alive!  I feared you got stuck in that snow storm in Chicago.  Good to see you up and about old chap.

Hey Beveridge, can you go into detail as to why She's Out Of My League is a personal fave of yours?  I'm curious.

millean 2/8/2011 7:32:35 AM

She's out of my Leage was a good flick.  As such, I'm now an Alice Eve fan (and she's the hottest of the trio listed).

Any chance this could be for the role of Ursa?  Saw where Zod's chick may be in the flick, so that is a possibility.

I actually like the idea of Chloe Sullivan for a couple of different reasons.

1 - This could be a good character in a non-Smallville writer's hands and could bridge the gap from Smallville to Metropolis.  (After all, Clark Kent is a tool on Smallville, but we all love Supes.)

2 - Joe would have a coronary.

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