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  • Episode: Bad Boys (Episode 7, Season 9)
  • Starring: Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
  • Written By: Adam Glass
  • Directed By: Kevin Parks
  • Network: The CW
  • Studio: Warner Bros.
  • Series:

Supernatural: Bad Boys Review

Dean at 16

By Tim Janson     November 22, 2013

Dean at 16 on Supernatural
© The CW
Interesting episode of Supernatural this week as we get some previously unknown back-history on Dean…Even if it is a bit of ret-conning it still resulted in an enjoyable, slice-of-life chapter.  Dean gets a phone call from a man named Sonny who runs a home and farm for troubled boys in upstate New York.  Dean relates to Sam a story that even his brother didn’t know.  While Sam thought Dean was working a job with his brother when he was 16, it turns out Dean ran afoul of the law and was sent to the youth home.  Sonny, aware of the fact that Dean and Sam are hunters, calls them for aid when one of his workers is killed under mysterious circumstances.

Much of “Bad Boys” is told through Dean’s eyes in flashbacks.  We see his first meeting with Sonny and having his first romance with a local girl named Robin.  The actor playing the young Dean does a remarkable job of capturing Jensen Ackles’ mannerisms and voice inflections.  You can definitely tell that he studied him closely.  Sonny’s farm is haunted by a spirit that seems to be protecting a young, shy boy named Timmy who is the target of bullying by the other boys.

The Terror ratchets up a notch when the spirit kills Sonny’s housekeeper in the bathtub and soon Dean, Sam, and Robin find themselves locked in the house with the vengeful spirit of Timmy’s mother who died in a tragic car crash and is now going to extreme measures to protect her son from any threats.

Many times these self-contained episodes of Supernatural, while usually enjoyable, tend to be disposable.  But “Bad Boys” manages to be enjoyable while adding some beef to Dean’s character.  It was a small chapter, perhaps, in Dean’s past but it still helped develop the man that he has become.  In its 9th season it just goes to show you that the writers and producers are not done fleshing out these characters despite the fact that they have now appeared in over 175 episodes.

One plot contrivance that needs to be looked at is that of Sam’s possession by the angel Ezekial.  We don’t see him make an appearance this week which begs the question, when exactly does he appear?  We’ve seen him burst into control when Sam’s live has been threatened previous such as in “Dog Dean Afternoon”.  Sam certainly seemed to be in danger from the ghost in this episode but there wasn’t any action taken by the angel.    It’s a matter of expediency for the writers to use Ezekiel when they want but I would love to see this plotline wrapped up sooner rather than later.  It’s too easy to have the angel save the boys bacon only when it’s convenient.  Part of the strength of the brothers is their remarkable resourcefulness in dealing with any situation and that’s being diluted by the angel’s possession of Sam.  
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SarcasticCaveman 11/22/2013 1:22:26 AM

 I really enjoyed this episode, but really...when Dean was younger in season 4, the kid playing him looked WAY more like Jensen than this kid does...methinks they should have had more extensive casting calls to find a young actor who better looked the part.  It was nice to see Sam & Dean get back to the basics though - up against a ghost instead of angels or leviathans or what have you.

noahbody 11/23/2013 4:45:19 PM

^ Or Satan?



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