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SarcasticCaveman 11/8/2013 10:40:55 AM

 I really enjoyed the episode, but something occurred to me...they've done the ghost thing, they've done the monsters thing, they've done the Heaven vs. Hell thing, stopped the Apocalypse, fought the fairies, taken on primal evils and endured demon trials...are they just going to go full on classics of children's literature this season?  Last week was The Wizard of Oz, this week was Doctor Doolittle...I can only pray they have a Dr. Seuss episode in the works.  :P

TheSilentKiller 11/10/2013 8:22:24 PM

 I nearly crapped myself laughing at the mailman scene. This show keeps reminding me how much fun it is, compared to the other crap on the CW, which all seems to take itself so seriously.

aegrant 11/11/2013 9:37:20 AM

 This was definately one of the funniest shows of the series and one of my personal favorites.

makabriel 11/11/2013 10:39:34 AM

 Don't forget the classic cartoon episode, SC.  The one where Cas wanted to be a hunter..



egoist 11/13/2013 7:20:41 AM

 My favorite scene was Dean thinking the potion wouldn't taste so bad, and then the ever so subtle "I was wrong".



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