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  • TV Series: Supernatural
  • Episode: Frontierland
  • Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Misha Collins
  • Written by: Andrew Dabb & Daniel Loflin
  • Directed by: Guy Bee
  • Network: The CW
  • Series:

Supernatural: Frontierland

time travelling cowboys

By Joe Oesterle     April 23, 2011

Supernatural: Frontierland
© The CW/Robert Trate

Ugly barmaids and rotgut whiskey were more than enough to make Dean grin like a two-year old in a cowboy hat at Halloween, and it was enough for me too. Add in Samuel Colt, a couple demons, a few nicely placed humorous acknowledgements to Clink Eastwood and Chuck Norris AND a showdown between Castiel and the heavenly Rachel and we’ve got ourselves a good old fashioned television-style hootenanny.

The question remains; what the hell is Castiel’s secret?


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SarcasticCaveman 4/23/2011 10:13:32 PM

 Fun episode.  I'm kind of surprised there weren't some more Back to the Future references in this episode though.  Personally, I think they're about to set Cas up to become the next Lucifer...hope it doesn't go down like that, but I don't see how else it can go down.  He's definitely up to some shady stuff, and willing to kill his own followers to keep his secret.  I think he's going to become the new reluctant Satan.

SarcasticCaveman 4/23/2011 10:14:49 PM

 And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bonanza opening...HILARIOUS.

Loki2091 4/23/2011 10:18:12 PM

Joe, you're getting better at writing short Supernatural reviews. . . although, it still sucks that you only write a freakin paragraph!!!


Disgruntled fan - for now. . . .


PS: nice review. . ..

DaForce1 4/24/2011 3:51:04 AM

 Since I'm pretty good at guessing where the Supernatural staff are going with their characters, my guess is that Cas' secret has to do with the whereabouts of God. Remember early on in season 4 when Cas was using Dean's necklace to find God? Well, what's to say that Cas didn't find Him and has Him holed up somewhere? Think about it. You have one group of angels that are tired of waiting for the Apocalypse because they are essentially tired of existing only to fight (Raphael's group), and you have another group that are essentially trying to keep things as they were on Earth minus a father that doesn't care either way. If Cas wins, he becomes ruler of Heaven and everything goes along as usual. Kind of like Crowley stepping in for Lucifier when he was re-caged. 

Guess we'll see now that the boys have the ashes of the Phoenix to fight Eve.

trazalca 4/25/2011 1:25:16 PM

"Candygram for Mongo!"

Best line of the whole ep! I can't stop smiling every time I think of it. :)

karas1 4/25/2011 3:40:23 PM

Had to feel sorry for that Phoenix guy.  He wasn't evil.  How many movies have a riteous hero who was framed for his wife's murder?

Hobbs 4/26/2011 6:34:31 AM

Wow...what a horrible episode.  Joe you are being way too soft on this show.  How much more proof do you need that this thing has jumped the shark?  Now they are ripping off back to the future.

It's a good thing Sam had Bobbies address in his cell phone because we all know how many of us keep our addresses in our cell phone these days, even ones of our closest friends so if anyone steals it they'll have all the information they need in order to rob them.  Plus Colt was lucky the phone was fully charged and didn't die while he learned how it worked.  And it's a good thing the express service didn't go out of business or someone finally said, hey, lets open up this 100 year old box.

Though if this episode isn't proof it's jumped the shark I can point out others this year.

SarcasticCaveman 4/26/2011 3:02:07 PM

 Hobbs, if you had been paying attention this season, this is the first season of Supernatural that Joe has ever watched.  Glad to know that newcomers like him and all-seasoners like myself are still enjoying the show.  I hated the first episode of this season, but aside from that, I've really enjoyed it.  I'll give you one, that having the address and info in his cell phone is a bit suspect, but remember, they only had 24 hours to be back in time.  It might make sense to have more info in his phone if they were all doing a "synchronize watches" deal.  Plus, Colt struck me as a pretty intelligent and reasonable guy, being able to just take Sam's word for who and what he was.  I didn't have any issues with this episode.

hanso 4/26/2011 4:00:36 PM

Hobbs if you would be so kind as to point them out, I'd like to read up on that.

Jakester 4/28/2011 7:59:42 AM

I keep my address in my cell phone.  I keep a lot of addresses in my cell phone.  I'll admit that it's probably not a very bright idea for Sam or Dean to do as if they're caught, then their friends/ are in danger.

That being said, I'll just say "nice blanket."



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