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  • TV Series: Supernatural
  • Episode: Swap Meat
  • Starring: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
  • Written By: Julie Siege, Rebecca Dessertine, Harvey Fedor
  • Directed By: Robert Singer
  • Network: CW
  • Series:

Supernatural: Swap Meat Review

Don't Believe What You See

By Kent Ninomiya     January 29, 2010

Supernatural Freaky Friday happening
© CW/Bob Trate


You can imagine the pitch meeting for this script. It must have been something like “Poltergeist meets Some Kind of Wonderful meets Freaky Friday.” No show squashes together genres like Supernatural, and no one makes it so damn hilarious. “Swap Meat” is an appropriate title since Sam and a misguided kid swap meat suits.
The opening scene makes you laugh even though you don't know why yet. Sam is acting peculiar with an older woman at the bar. When she offers him sex he reacts with all the giddiness of a 17 year old virgin nerd. This is because that is who is actually inside Sam. Meanwhile, Sam is trapped in pubescent geek hell.
Side Note: Notice in the opening scene that you can hear Sam make slurping noises sipping his banana daiquiri through a straw even though the glass is full. Also notice that the amount of daiquiri in the glass rises and falls throughout the scene. Someone should fire the continuity person on the set.
The episode is crammed with hilarious situations made funny by our intimate knowledge of the Winchester brothers and their relationship. Sam orders a bacon cheeseburger, downs shots of liquor, and asks to turn up a classic rock song on the stereo. Watching Dean's expressions throughout all this is classic. It is just as funny watching the gentle giant Sam try to cope in the body of a 98 pound pimpled face weakling.
The episode takes a darker turn when we learn why the kid switched bodies with Sam. The kid and his geek friends dabble in black magic. While playing around with a satanic book one day, they find out that Dean is on the Devil's most wanted list. They hatch a hair brained scheme to use Sam's body to kill Dean and collect the reward. When that doesn't work, one of the kids thinks it would be a great idea to summon a demon. What could go wrong?
Well, it turns out that plenty can go wrong. The demon possesses the pretty/nerdy girl of the group and kills the kid who summoned it. It then goes off to capture Dean and claim the reward itself. The kid possessing Sam's body is scared straight and has a change of heart. He starts to exercise the demon, and eventually succeeds with the help of a little double teaming with Dean. His replacement of the Latin phrase “A De Nos” with “adios bitch” is classic Dean.
The kids redeem themselves by seeing the error of their evil ways. Sam hooks up those crazy kids by revealing to the oblivious boy that the girl is really into him. Did John Hughes direct this episode? I was waiting for Molly Ringwald to walk in.
Yeah it was contrived, but it was fun. In a sneaky way, the episode reveals the evolution of both Sam's and Dean's characters. When Supernatural started, Sam just wanted a normal family life and Dean couldn't stomach the thought. Now Dean is obviously warming to the idea while Sam casts it off as “apple pie crap.”
Final Note: The final line of the episode was “welcome back Kotter.” I challenge anyone under 40 to explain it without looking it up.


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sarCCastro 1/29/2010 8:29:00 AM

The show Welcome Back, Kotter was about a dude(played by Gabe Kaplan) returning to his old high school to teach. His students were a bunch of goofy knuckleheads with names like Horshack and Barbarino. It brought John Travolta to light and made phrases like "up your nose with a rubber hose" popular.

I am 31, and I used to watch the show either on Nick At Nite or in syndication....I don't remember which.

Bryzarro 1/29/2010 9:43:56 AM

Great Episode.  Made me laugh my ass off almost as much as last weeks funny scenes.

I do like the touch that shows how Heaven and Hell are using eath bound groupies to find the Winchesters.  If anyone remembers before they had a bible thumper in front of a motel spot Dean so Zachariah could find him, now we find out Lucifer (or his helpers) have spread the word among followers of the dark.  A nice touch if you ask me.

Classic after school special kind of feel with this episode.  I like those.

Skroin 1/29/2010 10:40:38 AM

Loved the episode. I was definately getting weird looks from my fiance as I laughed a lot throughout the episode. She has started watching the show with me, but is lost since she just started this season.....which means it's time I go out and buy the series for us to have a marathon at home and get her caught up.

Anyways, as  Bryzarro stated, I have to agree that I liked how they used the Satanic groupies in tracking down Dean. I'll have to admit a had an "oh sh!t!" moment when the demon mentioned Sam's body as an "empty vessel." I kicked myself in the butt after that revelation for not even thinking about it. But I'll just blame it on the fun I was having just watching the episode and going with the flow and that's why. :D

The previews for next week's episode definately has my curious. I'm wondering exactly how things will go back in time to put the Winchester's at risk of not even being born. Luckily the writers have proven themselves time after time and I have faith it's gonna be awesome.

Now I will say that even though I've been enjoying the episodes, I'm hoping they start showing the effect's of Death being on the loose. There hasn't been any mention of Death being on the loose since the episode he was released in. Surely with Death out and about, sh!t would be hitting the proverbial fan and a little more focus would be on stopping him. But hey! That's the only gripe I have and a small one at that. Still an awesome show!

noahbody 1/29/2010 4:22:25 PM

Great show. Although they gave away the opening twist in last weeks preview.

I think as we near the end they will hit the ground running and there will be plenty of "Death"

I think at some point the kid should come back and they have to kill him. Dean: "I warned him."

My only gripe would be that they (the kids) got someone killed.....oh well. Maybe he will come back.

fatpantz 1/29/2010 10:08:46 PM

Glad to see the quality and fun they are putting into the filler episodes....last week and this were a blast!!  Previous seasons I would sometimes find myself forcing my way through the fillers...not anymore!! Great Season so far

littlemikey979 1/30/2010 5:45:16 PM

Gotta love this show! Glad to see ol' Jared is getting to branch out and do more then just be mad. He was pretty funny which was a nice suprise. Its going to be sad when this show it over. There will be nothing else on the CW. And no, the two hour smallville "movie" does not make up for the past 3 seasons.

Jensen Ackles for Captain America!!!

invisioner 2/2/2010 3:19:19 PM

 Bryzarro gave me a thought. What if the angels knew they would have to rely on Sam and Dean some day as the Reckoning occurs, and thus, the explanation of the Bibles in motels comes about: They are a Winchester locating device!!! Huh? Huh?? C'mon, that would be a great storyline! 



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