Surviving ENTERPRISE's "Storm Front" party -

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Surviving ENTERPRISE's "Storm Front" party

CINESCAPE attends the premiere party for ENTERPRISE's new season!

By Sue Schneider     November 15, 2004

The Enterprise guys at the special screening of Star Trek: Enterprise copyright Sue Schneider
© 2004 Sue Schneider

Recently Paramount Television and Sony Electronics Broadcast Inc. had a special screening of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE's season premiere episode, "Storm Front Part II". What was so special about this screening was the fact that it was shot entirely with Sony's HDW-F900 Digital Camcorders and CineAlta 24P technology, which is a new filming technology that the STAR TREK Universe, like many television shows are venturing into.

I must say, that I am not that knowledgeable in the field of technology, but I could see the difference on the big screen at the Paramount Theater on the Paramount lot.

After the screening a panel was held with:

Brannon Braga, co-creator, executive producer, writer

Manny Coto, co-executive producer, writer

Marvin Rush, director of photography

Allan Kroeker, season premiere episode director

Scott Bakula, Captain Archer

Andrew Stucker, GM, digital production, Sony

Yasuhiko Mikami, marketing manager, Movie and TV Production, Sony

The panel discussed the fact that the fourth season of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE will be shot entirely with Sony HDW-F900 Digital Camcorders. As quoted in the press release "the production team of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE is going where it has not gone before fully into the digital domain." It took a lot of convincing though before executives producers Rick Berman, Brannon Braga and Manny Coto decided that this was the way to go.

Since moving to Friday nights, STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE has seen its viewing audience increase. The fourth season got off to a great start and this year the episodes feature more action and some great storylines. In my opinion bringing NEXT GENERATION actor Brent Spiner on for a three-episode story arc was a stroke of genius on behalf of Berman, Braga and Coto.

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