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Hobbs 10/4/2010 9:30:15 AM

Just my opinion Rob but you should review this series though a kids eyes...unless you are in that group that truly thinks this show is made for adults?  That being said the grade was right on, I watched this with my daugther Saturday morning and it didn't hold her attention and she loves the Ahsoka character.  That's two weeks in a row my daughter lost interest in the episodes. 

zalder 10/4/2010 11:10:18 AM

Agreed this is made for kids and not for adults.  Which is why I have stopped watching it.  Maybe the original movies were not as deep as I remember them being and I am seeing them through nostalgic eyes but these shows never did it for me much like the new movies.  Watched some of the first season but now don't bother.  Its bad when a video game (anything with old republic in the name) has a better plot than a tv show.



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