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LocoLobo73 1/6/2011 2:34:09 PM

LMAO really guys thanks for the whole lesson on the S it was sarcasm , jeez boys serious much . lol I was just joking around, im well aware of everything Supes

LocoLobo73 1/6/2011 2:46:40 PM

The House of El was one of the noble ruling families of the planet, Krypton. The name El translates in Kryptonian to "of the Star". The family line extends back thousands of years, to a time when tribes of Kryptonians still waged war against one another across the continents. The direct descendants of Jor-El the First sired children whom would become the sole survivors to escape Krypton's ultimate destruction - Kal-El and Kara Zor-El. .



wessmith1966 1/6/2011 9:33:02 PM

Green Hornet looks fine when Seth Rogen isn't on screen. This movie is easily paralleling Scott Pilgrim...It's a movie that could have been good if it wasn't for the lead in the movie. Remember how the studio tried to convince us to see Scott Pilgrim by pumping tons of behind the sceens videos and clips to show us how great the film was? They did this because they knew the movie was a stinker that would be dead at the box office after the first weekend. That will be Green Hornet. It'll draw people the first weekend and then crash and burn. Blame will be trown this way and that and everyone will say the movie will become a "cult classic." Ever notice how a lot of crappy movies become cult classics even though they disappear. The last real cult classic I can remember was Rocky Horror because it continued to play in theaters for years after its release. You kids who have never seen it in a theater with a seasoned crowd don't know what you missed. A movie that gets released on DVD isn't a cult anything. It's just another movie and and green Hornet will be just another dead turd at the box office.

Kraken89 1/6/2011 11:20:45 PM

With Superman: Man Of Steel's schedule overlapping onto TDKR's schedule, I don't see Nolan doing any more than meeting with Snyder, reading the script and going through Zack's storyboards and then coming back in post production to see the cut of the film. And really, that's all Nolan needs to do because since it's Zack Snyder and not someone like Duncan Jones (who really has only two films under his belt) is directing, there's probably some procautions about not stepping on toes and still giving good insight.

Green Hornet looks fun and my Dad (who loved the original show) and I are going to go see it. The factor that really pushes me to go see it (besides 3D) is Christoph Waltz who was just astonishing in Inglorious Basterds and I can't wait to see him in a more comedic film than the former morbidly comedic film.

The only way I'd pay to see G.I Joe is if they edited Chaning Tatum out of it, and I'm not talking movie tickets, I'm talking Redbox.

Oh and while Superman is still in the conversation, I wanted to know your thoughts on Colin O'Donohue as a potential for Supes.  I only saw glimpses of him in the trailer for The Rite and he just reminded me of a young Clark Kent from the beginning of Superman: Birthright with those strange blue eyes.

aegrant 1/7/2011 7:03:41 AM

I'm at a crossroads with Green Hornet. My gut has been telling me that it will suck (and if you read this site they feel the same) but the promos make it look kinda fun. With all these clips though I fear it is taking the scott pilgram route of over promotion (remember,... there was like a new clip every other day the 2 months prior to release) and there will be nothing left for me to see in the theatre. I just might wait for the Netflix release.

With the Bats/Supes movie, I don't see that happening for at least 10 years and by then I don't think Nolan will have any involvement.

Smallville is great this season looking forward to the last half of the season and the end of the series

Hell Boy and GI Joe are not high on my list of must see movies. Really they would be on my "hey its sunday after football season, lets see whats on Netflix" list


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