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Review Reviewed by Release Date
Akiballion: Battlemaids of Akihabara Complete CollectionJohn Rose01-05-2010
Attack Girls' Swim Team Versus the UndeadChris Beveridge12-09-2008
Birthday Mail/Kokurri-san Double FeatureJohn Rose01-26-2010
Buyusenki Battle Chronicle DVD ReviewJohn Rose03-09-2009
Chain Gang GirlsChris Beveridge12-23-2008
Cruel RestaurantChris Beveridge12-02-2008
Death Row GirlsChris Beveridge12-16-2008
Female Prisoner SigmaChris Beveridge11-25-2008
Fist Full of FukuChris Beveridge10-20-2009
Gluttonous Part 1 and Part 2Chris Beveridge01-06-2009
Gun~Kyu (War Pigeon)John Rose12-09-2009
I Was a Teenage NinjaChris Beveridge02-10-2009
Ki-GaiJohn Rose11-03-2009
Killer BeesChris Beveridge01-27-2009
Kirenji Girls Combat SchoolJohn Rose02-09-2010
Maid's SecretChris Beveridge01-13-2009
Maid's Secret: Welcome HomeChris Beveridge01-20-2009
Makiriko/Battler Sienne Matra Double FeatureJohn Rose12-01-2009
New Manager of the Sumo ClubChris Beveridge02-17-2009
Ninja She-DevilChris Beveridge02-03-2009
Ninjaken: The Naked SwordChris Beveridge11-18-2008
Nu-Meri ~ Book of the New SpawnJohn Rose11-09-2009
Ryuji the YakuzaJohn Rose02-23-2010
SirenChris Beveridge08-18-2009
Slit-Mouthed Woman/Zombie Dead Double FeatureJohn Rose09-08-2009
Twin Blades of the NinjaChris Beveridge11-11-2008
Zombie Hunter RikaChris Beveridge09-15-2009
Zombie Self Defense ForceChris Beveridge10-13-2009


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