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SWORDFISH Premiere Pix

Travolta, Jackman and Berry attend the big event

By Sue Schneider     July 03, 2001

John Travolta and Kelly Preston are all smiles at the SWORDFISH premiere.
© 2001 Sue Schneider

(additional reporting by Frank Kurtz)

June 4th saw the premiere of the action suspense thriller SWORDFISH, starring John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry and Tom Welling. The big event was held at the Mann Village Theater in Westwood. Here's the nitty gritty on some of what happened there:

Hugh Jackman at the SWORDFISH premiere

Hugh Jackman is looking pretty happy with things in general. The actor has the romantic time-travel comedy, KATE & LEOPOLD, with Meg Ryan, coming next. Jackman will also reprise his role of Wolverine in the eagerly anticipated X-MEN sequel.

Halle Berry waves to her fans, with husband Eric Benet alongside at the SWORDFISH premiere.

Before heading in to catch the flick, Halle Berry takes a moment to wave to her fans nearby. Accompanying her to the opening is her husband Eric Benét. Like Hugh Jackman, Berry will also be reprising her X-MEN role of Storm in the upcoming sequel, under the direction of Bryan Singer.

SMALLVILLE star Tom Welling at the SWORDFISH premiere.

Young up and comer Tom Welling is also in SWORDFISH and attended the event. We'll all be seeing a lot more of Welling in the WB's SMALLVILLE TV series, which hits the WB TV network this fall 2001. Welling plays a teenage Clark Kent in the series, set years before he assumed the guise of Superman.

John Travolta gets up close and personal with his fans at the SWORDFISH premiere.

John Travolta took a few seconds to stop, say hello and press flesh with his happy fans.


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