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Tad Williams returns to fantasy writing

OTHERLAND author talks about returning to the field of his original success

By Christopher Allan Smith and Chris Wyatt     May 02, 2002

Author Tad Williams
© 2002 Patti Perret

"I'd written over 2,000 pages of epic fantasy, so for the time being I had said all that I had to say in that arena," best selling genre author Tad Williams told us in the May issue of CINESCAPE magazine.

In the interview about his latest projects, Williams, who made his name with the hugely successful fantasy trilogy MEMORY, SORROW and THORN, talked about his almost decade long hiatis from the fantasy genre, in which he wrote the OTHERLAND series which would eventually spread one story across four books and 3000 pages.

But now Williams' is looking to return to the fantasy genre, though he's not so sure he likes what he sees.

"I've wanted to do more epic fantasy," Williams told our Chris Wyatt. "I've been looking for a way to do it without feeling that I was cranking out the same material over and over again. I didn't want to feel like I was using a can opener."

He also talked about his misgivings about what he reads in the genre today.

"Most of it is just so commercial," he said. "It reads like it's only there to fill a commercial need." With this in mind, Williams arrived at a definite conclusion. "If I didn't find a fresh approach, my work would just become a franchise, and I would be writing these franchise books. That idea just gave me cold shivers!"

For more from Williams, and his views on his new online fantasy project SHADOWMARCH, pick up the May issue of CINESCAPE.


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