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Taken 2 Official US Trailer #1

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Taken 2 Official US Trailer #1

Kicking Ass, Again

By Robert T. Trate     July 31, 2012
Source: Fox Studios

20th Century Fox has released the first official US trailer for Liam Neeson’s Taken 2
The Plot: Rade Serbedzija plays the father of one of the goons offed by Mills in the first Taken film, and it's he who orchestrates the attack on his family. This time, it’s his wife (Famke Janssen) they snatch, and Mills is every bit as angry as he was last time.
Fortunately his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) manages to evade the kidnappers, but she still ends up in the firing line when Mills enlists her to help him save her mother. 

Directed by Olivier Megaton from a script co-written by Luc Besson, Taken 2 will open in the UK and US on 5 October 2012.  



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kalonthar 7/31/2012 3:14:16 AM

Rade might have a "nice coat", but I think Ra's takes it.

iceknight52 7/31/2012 6:34:48 AM

Can you imagine what a bitch it would have been to miss curfew growing up in Rade's house? Not to mention how terrifying it would be if you where dating his daughter and didn't get her back by curfew.

...Oh, and I'm definitely seeing this one.

CaptAmerica04 7/31/2012 9:24:32 AM

Looks awesome!  I loved the first one, and I can't wait to see this one!

xJokersxWildx 7/31/2012 9:28:47 AM

I like how the daughter is helping him this time. Liam rocks i will definately see this.

jetpackjesus 7/31/2012 5:03:34 PM

I can't wait for this. 

"If I kill you, your other sons will come and seek revenge."

"They will."

"And I will kill them, too."

Such a badass.

jonniej1017 8/1/2012 1:08:13 PM

Now thats how a trailer should be!!! That was great.. the music, the slow mo action scenes.. cool..  this movie shall  also rock... i have spoken



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