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  • Distributor: Product Enterprise Ltd.
  • Can I Play With It?: Only if you promise not to enjoy it. Emotion is a weakness.

Talking Cyberman

Speaks For Itself

By JOHN DENNING     September 23, 2006

© Product Enterprise Ltd.
Product Enterprise has been turning out Doctor Who merchandise for a number of years, including such classics as a talking Tom Baker and a remote control Dalek. The company founder Steve Walker has stated a desire to make toys he would have wanted as a child, and in that regard countless Doctor Who fans share a common history. While available several years ago, the Talking Cyberman has been reissued with numerous touch-ups so that fans of the series, both new and old, can finally assimilate their neighbors with the original man-machine menace.

The new issue has a new paint finish and a lighter weathering effect. This is a revision by a company that once turned away 10,000 heads manufactured in China due to fears of paint rubbing off after repeated play sessions with children. Rest assured any company that gives that much attention to a toy's longevity places a priority on quality, and deserves applause.

The figure comes in silver and black, and both are wonderfully detailed, making the original modified flight suit design of the cybermen from the series look even more cool in toy form. Additionally, the set includes a Cyberblaster and a trilobite-like Cybermat infiltrator to ensure any invasion's success. Known for incorporating the voice button seamlessly into the figure, Product Enterprise has this time placed it innocuously into the artificial lung on the cyberman's chest. It comes with only four phrases, but then again classic Doctor Who monsters aren't known for their speaking skills, and "Excellent" always worked for Bill and Ted.

The common complaint about the figure is a lack of articulation in the legs, and it's an odd omission by a company otherwise driven by the details, especially one that obviously wants you to take it out of the box and play with it. Also, the volume on the talking feature is somewhat low, so if your playtime includes a soundtrack by Megadeath, don't expect to hear the dialogue. Despite these minor errors, Product Enterprise's love of the source material is evident in these figures and the only question that remains is, between their Talking Cybermen and Talking Daleks, who gets to destroy mankind first?


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