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Talking TICK With Warburton

Patrick Warburton gives his take on Fox's upcoming live-action THE TICK.

By Frank Kurtz     July 20, 2001

The cast of THE TICK
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Patrick Warburton is giving his take on THE TICK and saying it isn't quite as strange as it looks.

While appearing at the Television Critics Association press gathering in LA, Warburton spoke of the series to come, saying, "In THE TICK's world, the superheroes are all very very human, very vulnerable, and so I think it's fun exploring that. It makes them much more accessible. ... I think folks can watch, and anybody could say, 'I could be that guy.' ... It's a very ordinary world, and at the same time, very surreal."

He adds, "I think because of all the parallels that go on, you can take the superhero challenges of the day and their stories and their interactions with each other, at the end of the day, there could be parallels between saving someone from Apocalypse Cow to some telemarketing that you did this day. It's like, 'The same thing happened to me today, except I was telemarketing, and he was fighting a 50-foot, fire-shooting-out-of-its-teats cow.' In the writing, when they can do that, make it all accessible, it's fun. ... The possibilities are endless. That's why the one thing we want is just for the show to see the light of day and for people to give it a shot."


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