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egoist 5/5/2009 4:29:29 AM

Exclusive Tim Russ eh? I guess Gil Gerard was busy?

Muldfeld 5/5/2009 8:32:03 AM

 Finally you're doing interviews again. It makes mania worth visiting. Please try to do some long ones with DS9 writers, especially Ira Steven Behr.

hanso 5/5/2009 9:37:48 AM

What's an African American Vulcan?  Was his dad from Congo his mom Ohio and he was born in Vulcan?

themovielord 5/5/2009 12:41:55 PM

Wow, mudfield where have you been?

McG Interview on Terminator

Mark Wahlberg on Max Payne

Daniel Day Kim about LOST

Interview with Gene Roddenberry Jr.


These are only a couple and just barely scatch the surface on the interviews we have done!

Great interview Dan.

tovuk 5/5/2009 12:51:31 PM

I like his acting & STAR TRK, I was actually lucky enough to meet him @ the   Comic Con last yr in San Diego. He is serious about his  music thou.

StarlightGuard 5/5/2009 5:43:10 PM

lucky bastards, getting to interview all these people



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