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More Batman 3 Set Pics, Videos (Article) - 8/1/2011 4:16:30 AM

 I kinda like the look, trampy, gimpy gangster. And as for the venom/bane talk, Flash thompson as Venom at the mo is alright!

Final Scene from Captain America (Article) - 7/29/2011 11:45:26 AM

It was good to see an Avengers clip in proper quality as haven't seen Cap America so had to catch the Avengers online on a dodgy camcorder version. I was more excited about seeing that bit than tha Cap section!

Feige Talks Hulk Looks (Article) - 7/28/2011 8:10:27 AM

 I thought they CGI mapped the faces of both Bana and Norton if I remember correctly. I loved the look of Hulk in TIH and this doesn't look a million miles away from that one I don't think. I reckon Ruffalo will do a good job cos he looks a bit of a freaky monster anyhoo!

More Judge Dredd Pics Appear (Article) - 7/26/2011 7:53:43 AM

 Lovin Dredd, the first try with Stallone was alright but nothing more than an action romp, not really true to the comics but a not bad popcorn flick. This looks pretty good and I can get over the missing giant shoulder pads, so I will be havin some of this!

Captain America Takes Potter Down (Article) - 7/25/2011 7:30:25 AM

 That title should say..

Captain America takes Potter to school! Ho Ho Ho. (or maybe not)

SDCC: Amazing Spider-Man Panel (Article) - 7/24/2011 6:09:04 AM

 I only saw the andrew garfield speech by the way, not the lizard bit. 

SDCC: Amazing Spider-Man Panel (Article) - 7/24/2011 6:08:12 AM

 I saw the video just now and I truly believe every word he said! I think Andrew Garfield will carry parker and spiderman to a new level. I really cannot wait for this.

SDCC: AVENGERS Artwork Online (Article) - 7/23/2011 8:18:57 PM

 Ok I have seen the thor (flying) and Nick fury (with coulson and maria hill) pics now but still no hulk. I suppose saving him till last ay? Pics looking seriously good tho especially the Black widow shot!

SDCC: AVENGERS Artwork Online (Article) - 7/23/2011 11:34:31 AM

 Aye thor is missing but I really wanna see me some hulk!

SDCC: Jackson Confirms Wolverine Villain (Article) - 7/23/2011 3:43:10 AM

 Caredskinfan...Warwick Davis could do a better job then jackman.


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