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TDK CURSED? - Curse Of The Dark Knight! (Oooh It's Spooky!!!)

8/9/2008 4:59:26 AM permalink

Here we go again with the paranoia.

It's very observant paranoia, but paranoia it remains.

The other day I hear on the Republican News Network (oops I'm sorry FOX NEWS,) that fans are starting to suspect a DARK KNIGHT CURSE!!!

First Heath Ledger dies from his performance as the Joker (or that's how they want to spin it. The fans not Fox.)

Then Morgan Freeman has his accident.

Christian Bale is beating up his mother and sister.

And something involved a woman I think.

So now the fear factor has kicked in, and it's said the 400 mark is balanced out by all these tragedies.

Frankly, if you believe that, you're nuts.

I will say this, though: The Dark Knight is to guys as what Titanic is for girls.

No, I'm not afraid to go there.

Girls went back over and over to watch Leo Dicaprio run around, be pretty, and then die at the end.'re getting your kicks in a very similar way.

I admit I haven't seen TDK and most likely won't until it comes out on dvd...if even then. I've stated I would like to see it, if only for Ledger's performance.

It's just another comic book movie to me.

(Okay, I'll give it the credit it's due -- it's much better than the standard comic book movie. I find Hulk and Iron Man laughable. I groaned at X-Men when it left me feeling empty. And I can't properly judge Superman Returns cause, well, I saw it on a full screen dvd and I was immediately biased against that.)

But I've never really been a fan of comics, although I've got plenty of opinions on movies. I liked Tim Burton's incarnations of Batman, thought George Clooney was a joke, and still have no desire to see Batman Begins.
Oh well.

As for the curse of this movie, and the one of Poltergeist, just stop the nonsense.

Next thing we'll hear is the curse of Indy 4 or Transformers since Shia had his unfortunate accident.

(I updated this title due to a very good point from Mxm. I probably should've thought of that.)

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