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Terry Rossio talks "Pirates of the Caribbean 4"

By Karl Schneider     February 12, 2007
Source: Moviehole

Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Mans Chest
© Disney
In an interview with Moviehole, Terry Rossio talked about the possibility of making Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Moviehole writes:

Online rumors say this is the final 'Pirates' movie - but I'm sure Disney has other plans. What do you think? Any more 'Pirates' movies left in you?

It's like the fourth Indiana Jones picture - there are forces in play to make it happen, and forces in play to make it not happen. I think we will try to write a screenplay. I can't say if we'll be able to solve the challenge of making a good fourth film, or if our screenplay will be enough to get a film made.

The third installment hits theaters on May 25th.

KJ's Take:  So they will pump out a script and then beg Depp to reprise his role.  As much as I like to hope it won't happen, Depp will probably do it.  The franchise has made so much money that the amount they can, and will, offer him is just ridiculous.  Then again, if anyone would turn it down, it's Depp.  The guy does what he wants.


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exfan 2/12/2007 2:56:49 AM
The only thing scaring me is: It's like the fourth Indiana Jones picture !!!! Mean s we have to wait Depp reach 58 ! But i have faith on Depp, the guy will not sale his soul, he s too smart to accept a bad script but a big cheque ! I am of course, maybe wrong !
narpin 2/12/2007 3:44:11 AM
I have no interest in Pirates 3. I'll see it and hope it's more like the first then the second. That second film was just dull, though.
jppintar326 2/12/2007 4:36:48 AM
Pirates of the Carribean was overrated to begin with. Depp's character is becoming more silly than funny. Retire this series before it goes any further.
Captmathman 2/12/2007 8:32:16 AM
Agreed, pintar. The character has one more movie before it simply becomes too much of a parody of itself. I have liked both films, and will see the third. Wrap it up nicely and put Jack Sparrow to bed.
fft5305 2/12/2007 9:19:18 AM
Agreed. Three should be the standard limit for any franchise. Naturally, there are exceptions. There's Bond. Batman & Superman benefitted from getting a little more room to work. The Matrix went the other direction and should have stopped the franchise with one movie!
theCOLLECTOR 2/12/2007 9:34:54 AM
Right guys, this franchise is dead, which is why it was the number onemovie last year. Because it was boringand no one iked it. Just Like Superman Returns was the best movie las tyear....NOT! (yeah I pulled the "not" phrase form the 90's...old school.) The fact is, Pirates has made a TON of money. It is sad when Pirate 2 action figures sell MORE than Superman Returns Action figures. Thank goodness you guys do not have anything to do with making movies.
wessmith1966 2/12/2007 9:41:09 AM
I liked the first Pirate, but the second one felt flat to me; there was more action, but it felt forced. Although I must admit the swordfight was pretty spectacular. I'll see the third one, of course, but I'm not expecting much. If the third movie rakes in a ton of money, like we all expect it will, Disney will pile up stacks of cash for a fourth installment. Post #4 is correct that the franchise, and especially Capt. Jack, is quickly becoming a parody.
bdd 2/12/2007 10:44:27 AM
They really should see how the third one does first. The first movie was a funny silly nicely done action comedy movie staring Johny Depp which is why people watched it. The second one made a lot of cash based on how well the first one did, but it sucked. So for the third one people might not go to see it because the second was so bad. Depp will do a forth and a fifth a sixth, ect., he already said he will do it as long as they want him because he loves the movies. I think if they do make a 4th they will need to come up with new charaters and make it a stand alone so they can move forward with the storyline and not just make filler like the 2nd one was. if they can just make a good funny action movie every 3-4 years than the movies will do well.
scytheofluna 2/12/2007 10:47:02 AM
It's so fashionable to hate everything. The Pirates films are a blast so I'm not sure what you were watching. I think some of you guys are just too impressed with your own over developed sense of sophistication. These films are a throwback to the adventure films of old, they aren't supposed to be anything other than basic fun. I grew up with the Goonies, Willow, Indiana Jones and the Princess Bride, and this is just the next generation of swashbuckling fantasy. To say that the film was "dull", or that it "fell flat" or "felt forced" indicates that your expectations aren't particularly realistic. What exactly would you have done differently had you been in charge of plot development, or character depth? Where are your multi million dollar film franchises if you guys are so much smarter than the millions of people who like these films, or the people who have made millions producing them? Also, if you're so clearly above these films, why are you here? It seems the magnitude of your intellectual superiority would lead you to post about films you actually enjoy rather than blowing hot air here. I certainly don't waste time posting about movies I don't enjoy, but I guess that's because I have better things to do.
scytheofluna 2/12/2007 10:51:57 AM
I also don't know how the second film was "filler" it explored the history of Will Turner's father, the curse of Davey Jones, and reintroduced Barbosa. The plot while certainly not groundbreaking was entertaining, action packed, and funny. What is it you people were expecting?
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