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Is it that bad?

11/10/2007 12:18:02 PM permalink

Ok, so many of you think I am harsh on movies and can be a downright mean "critic". someone sends me a list of the worse movies of all time, and I think to myself, these are not bad movies in fact, some of them are great. I et on Mania today and See Merin's Worse movies that he loves list and I think, yeah people have some strange taste (I loved his list though, as I love many of those films as well).

So here is the the list:

1. Ishtar
2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
3. Terminator 3
4. Matrix 3
5. Matrix 2
6. Armageddon
7. Battlefield Earth
8. Gigli
9. Glitter
10. Daddy Day Camp
11. Cinderella Man
12. Heat
13. Toys
14. Hellboy
15. Star Trek 5
16. Son of the Mask
17. Pirates of The Caribbean 3
18. Garbage Pail Kids Movie
19. Halloween 3
20. Batman and Robin

Now, this list was made by someone and then forwarded around. So it seems to be a personal view. I have seen a lot of worse movies list and they all have me baffled. This one really gets me. I understand people have personal preferences, but come on! Pirates 3? Heat? Cinderella Man? Daddy Day camp? Armageddon? Matrix 2 and 3? Terminator 3? HELLBOY?!?!? WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT!??!? Star Trek 5? Serious I loved this movie and it irritates me when people put it down. If it was the SAME exact movie and someone else directed it, people would love it.  Ok....maybe Battlefield earth, that movie is not great but I enjoyed it. Who is this person picking these movies? I see Ishtar on the top lists all the time....but do we really think they saw ishtar and Who Framed Roger rabbit and said, yeah these two movies are my top two worse films? Wow! WTF wow! I have ot put my list up, because maybe I am crazy! And no, ishtar is always on the top, so I am not even going to put that on my list.

1. Halloween (Rob Zombie)
2. Batman and Robin
4. Freddy Got Fingered
5. Speed 2
6. Spider-man 3
7. Superman Returns
8. Sextette
9. Street Fighter
10. Bloodrayne
12. Scooby Doo
13. The Conqueror
14. Godzilla
15. Waterworld

Now...I could add a hundred more. Right now. I HATE these movies. I know my lists will anger many. However, that is personal opinions work. Right? Anyways, I had to put my two cents in.

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New Director for Spider-man 4

10/18/2007 10:24:34 AM permalink

Spider-Man is returning for a fourth installment of the superhero franchise, but without director Sam Raimi in the director's chair. Raimi directed the first three movies and co-wrote 2007's Spider-Man 3 - but the filmmaker is stepping back to let someone else create their own vision for the web-slinging adventure. He tells, "Right now, a writer is being sought to write the next installment. We're in the very early stages. I won't be working on the story. It'll be a brand-new writer coming in with a brand-new story - a fresh take on the Spider-Man series. We're hearing different versions right now and really enjoying the different stories. Hopefully, we'll hear one that sounds right for the fourth installment." When asked if would produce the movie, rather than direct, Raimi replies, "Yes, that's right. In this case, it's more in the writer's hands. I'm going to let the writer envision where Peter Parker would go to next."

Also, where is Spidey 4 in the Development Hell?

Posted 9:24am on 10-18-07

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WTF F?!!??

10/18/2007 2:48:43 AM permalink

Karl Urban is Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the new Star Trek movie?!? What? Where the hell did that come from? Ya know what? I am sick of this damn Star Trek Prequel Movie. I think the casting horrific (except for the guy playing Spock....he doesn't look the part, but he is a good actor.). Seriously, this movie needs to be shut down and focus on a great Start Trek BEGINNING or ORIGINAL story or make and ORIGINAL movie.

Yeah, I have been against this movie since it had been announced, but I am sick of this news about who is playing who and the story. They are iconic characters that cannot just be played by anyone. LEARN FROM STAR TREK ENTERPRISE! USE YOUR DAMN BRAINS PARAMOUNT!

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Aliens vs. Predator Trailer

9/20/2007 11:37:40 AM permalink

Check it out

Added 10:37 am on sept 20th 2007

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FULL Smallville Trailer for Season Seven

9/12/2007 11:18:21 AM permalink

Enjoy. I know I won't

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Smallville Season 7 Trailer

9/9/2007 4:45:19 PM permalink

I am not a fan of this show, but I know many you will love it.

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Got Poop?

7/27/2007 10:21:37 AM permalink

As promised Alvin and The Chipmunk Trailer

Oh and um......maybe this movie is not geared towards children?

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I KNEW IT!!!!!!

7/10/2007 2:56:06 AM permalink

Finally, some evidence that Bryan Singer is not signed on to direct the SR2, but that him telling others he is directing is nothing but a ego boost.

Here is an excerpt:
The future of the studio's recent comic book adaptation, 2006's "Superman Returns," is somewhat more dubious. That film cost $209 million (even after various tax rebates) and marketing costs sent expenses upward of $300 million, but director Bryan Singer's Man of Steel picture made only $201 million domestically. While insiders say the movie was profitable, the studio mandated major cost cuts before proceeding with a sequel.

"If we do a sequel to 'Superman,' we want it to be less expensive," Horn acknowledges. "I have to see a screenplay before I say yes to anything. But the studio would be willing to spend as much as $175 million if the screenplay and other factors warranted it."

Still, Singer has announced that he plans to direct a second "Superman" project.

You can check out the whole article here:

Anywho.....there is more stuff about tother franchises as well. FF and X-men, and Spidey has a little story as well.


I feel a new direction for superman 2...and it feels good.

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Simpsons Movie Review...Sort of...

7/8/2007 11:04:01 PM permalink

Lots of Spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Last night the world got the first glimpse of what host Danny Baker described - not completely ridiculously - as an event on the scale of a Beatles reunion. The press were given a sickeningly brief first look at ten minutes of the first ever Simpsons movie, along with a backslapping audience of Baker, show creator Matt Groening and executive producer Al Jean.

It's been 18 years and 400 episodes since The Simpsons first appeared on Fox, and although the idea of a film has been mooted since round about season three, it's taken until now to materialise. Yet with the TV show generally agreed to be a teensy bit past its best and a weensy bit surpassed in recent years by Family Guy, Baker wasn't all that far off the mark - this has as much potential to go wrong as a ballsed-up Beatles reunion.

Don't worry, though: unless these were literally the only 10 fun minutes out of 90, The Simpsons Movie seems as brilliant as it should be. Where the sublime South Park movie Bigger, Longer and Uncut depicted a gay affair between Saddam Hussein and Satan, Al Jean claimed last night that the theme of their movie was basically "that a man should listen to his wife".

Yet even 10 minutes were enough to tell that The Simpsons Movie riffs on global society's two biggest moral panics: religion and the environment.

Look away now, spoilerphobes - this is what we know. The movie sees Green Day poisoned and drowning in the fetid Lake Springfield after interrupting a Duff Beer-sponsored show "to say one thing about the environment". At the memorial service, Grandpa Abe experiences a moment of religious possession, which prompts Marge to go off on a hare-brained journey of spiritual discovery. (As Groening said with an evil glint in his eye when asked about the movie's potential to offend, "we do posit the existence of a very active God".)

Elsewhere, while researching her school presentation on climate change (called, brilliantly, An Irritating Truth), Lisa falls in love with a conscientious Irish charmer named Colin ("although there's obviously a tragedy to the romance because they're Irish"). And oh yes, the naked-Bart skateboarding scene does exist, but it's far too genius to spoil with any more information than that.

In short, it looks like The Simpsons Movie is going to be worth the wait. Still sceptical? Consider that this joke, revealed by Groening, didn't make the movie, as Bart inadvertently gets stuck in an Egyptian sarcophagus:

Marge: "Homer, get him out of there!"
Homer: "Honey, he has to get over his fear of coffins one day."


I am little excited. Okay that is a lie. I am a lot excited!!! If it as good as seasons 1-10....then I am happy. I never thought I would see a Simpsons movie....and I may just get to see one yet.

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Maybe "chill out" is the right phrase?

7/8/2007 7:59:14 PM permalink

"My review isn't up! I am being censored! Hear me roar! No one loves me!!"
Sound familiar?

Well, it is me, theCOLLECTOR. Yeah, it wasn't exactly like that, but it is close, in fact I cringe now when I read my last blog post.

Wow, what was that about? Maybe it is just me taking things to seriously, and trust me....that is not me. I rarely take things "seriously" especially on the web. It was a weird lapse in judgment and I have to apologize, not just to the people who had to read that crappy rant, but to Jarrod as well, as I had no idea he was the moderator. I could have used my brian (I mispelled on purpose) and put two and two together, but then that would

It is downright funny to me that I gave a huge ol' hissy fit about two reviews that are about as significant as feet hair. What's next? Am I going to post a video on here and rant about how dumb DreamWorks and Paramount was to give Michael Bay the directing chair for Transformers? Hmmm....that doesn't sound like a bad idea.....that is crazy talk Collector.....remember....crazy talk. appears that I am going crazy and I need to "chill out" Yes, I am passionate about movies, but geez, even I want to smack myself and say "Do you hear what you are saying!??!"

Maybe I should start complaining about all the conspiracies in the Film industry? Like how The Porn Industry really has control over hollywood and they have a say in what we see. Maybe thats why Brown Bunny was made?

Again, sorry for the b!tching. I swear, it is not that time of the month. Wait.....nevermind.


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