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JERICHO: Termination for Cause (Article) - 3/12/2008 10:40:31 PM

Jericho is a really, really good show. I watched in on DVD again, and was again blown away. The show is cancelled (according to insider source) and that makes me a little upset. They premiered the second season during the writers strike. They could have at least waited until it was over. Also, I feel they didn't really promote it all that well. Jericho is a sold show and I wish it would stay on the air. We get crap like CSI and Without a Trace, but good quaility shows are always cancelled. Drives me insane. I wish it were on Fox, becasue then it would have staying power. Hell Prison Break is still on....Jericho should be given the saem respect.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/12/2008 7:49:55 PM

Um, biogeek. You can watch it in HIGH-DEF. Nifty huh? Even in High Def. It looks bad.

DEATHLY HALLOWS Split into Two Films (Article) - 3/12/2008 5:53:41 PM

Oh Come on!! That is retarded! It is a little too late to finally decide to split a Harry Potter book. In my opinion, they are picking the wrong book. They could have done that a movie or two ago! I for one, will not be watching it. I love the movies (except the last one...yawn!), bu tI am not going to be duped into watching an EXTRA movie. Bleh.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/12/2008 5:46:16 PM

LOL!!! Singer still thinks he is going to direct the sequel? That is hilarious. As I have stated before. He will NOT direct the sequel. In fact, he is not even being considered. So why keep lying to the press like he did in the past? Get over yourself Singer.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/12/2008 5:39:30 PM

Um, sorry is it just me or does the hulk look like Ang Lee's hulk except more muscular? I am not impressed with this movie. I was really hyped about this movie and it is not really getting me excited. Damn! You know what? I was really wanting this to blow my socks off. It is only a trailer and I really want to like this movie, but it is looking like this is not gonna be the smash we were expecting. To be honest, I like the Lost Boys: The Tribe trailer more than the Hulk trailer! the CGI does not look impressive either. Dang, I need to quit thinking about the trailer because I will just get upset and will not want to watch the movie.

Smell my face! (Blog Post) - 3/12/2008 10:35:07 AM

mlaforcer, I have been in the hospital. Long story, but I am getting well. glad to see you are still here. I thought I was in another world when I returned with all the new faces...but faces means good news for Mania, and I love Mania. Jarrod, LOL...hey gotta have a little fun. I really like the screenshot game. I hust love how people want it to be takes time. Cannot wait for the next installment. LOL!!!! Good stuff about the lotto, let me know how you perfect it.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/12/2008 10:30:57 AM

themovielord!!??!? You're Trate? Oh CRAP!! Now I feel freaking torn. I HATE Your DVD articles man, HATE them. I have to be honest with you! They drive me nuts. I was wondering "Who the helli s this guy? he can't spell and gets all his facts wrong!" However, I LOVE your movie reviews. I MISS those man. What the frick? Why are you not doing MOVIE reviews? DVD movie reviews...yeah in the same vicinity, yet it feels different. Your movie reviews RIZZOCKED! Well, you are a good writer and I am gonna support you regardless! KEEP IT UP! Oh and that is hilarious about the spell check changing it to blue-ray. Classic. Hey, just liven up your DVD articles. Give it a little of the 'ol themovielord pizazz.

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/11/2008 11:23:24 PM

I have confidence in Ben, Gone, Baby Gone is a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Bring it on!

Unspecified Title (Article) - 3/11/2008 11:05:26 PM

First....let me get this off my chest. IT IS BLU-RAY. Not BluE-Ray. GEEZ. Trate, seriously, you need spell check. Who are you? I am not happy with this either. However, I am getting another Indy film so I cannot complain. Oh, and No country for Old Men is great. I really enjoyed that film.

AvP Sequel Talks Continue at Fox (Article) - 3/11/2008 10:49:08 PM

I enjoyed AvP:R, I thought it was fun and it actually felt a lot like ALiens and Predator Mixed together. I did not like however the Predalien. The movie should have been called PRedalien instead of AvP:R, but whatever. I hope the Third one is in space with no Predalien and just a full out battle. Oh, and PLEASE. LET SOMEONE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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