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American Gangster

November 12, 2007

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I have to admit, I do not like Russel Crowe. He just irritates me. Yet, Ridley Scott directed this move and Denzel Washington always gives it his all. So, with that logic in mind. I had to watch American Gangster. Well, Crowe was great. He did a great job. The whole movie is really just spectacular.

First, let me start by saying this movie is graphic. I do not like graphic movies. I do not like seeing someones head blown off or having someone dismembered. Not because I am queezy, but because I have worked in a hospital for many years. Even more so in Trauma and in the OR. SO it seems pointless to me. Movies like Hostel and Saw. It has no effect. I do however think the violence in American Gangster is warranted. It is a real shove in the face of reality. I will not give away this movie as it needs to be seen.

From the beginning to the end, this movie never lets you go. If these two actors do not get nominated as well as Ridley Scott for this movie, I will be highly disappointed. The cast overall is fantastic. Cuba Gooding Jr., Carla Gugino, Ted Levine, Josh Brolin and the ever rising star Chiwetel Ejiofor. Such a good cast and a well thought out movie.

Yes, the movie is based on the real life of Frank Lucas (Washington), who, in the seventies became one of the most powerful drug lords in the 70's. Amazing how we do not grow up knowing that a black man became so powerful. Frank practically ran the drug business at that time and had it distributed right from the source. Amazing. I love movies that teach me something I had no clue about. I just purchased Frank Lucas' book and cannot wait until it arrives.

One thing to watch in this movie is how Lucas tries to be a good man and a good family man, but also chooses to do some of the most violent things. Another issue is that Richie (Crowe) is trying to be such a good person, but negates his family and is a womanizer! One scene in this movie will really shock you. The beginning might shock you, but there is a scene in this movie where Frank does something in broad daylight that will really make you go: "Wow, this guy means business."

Seriously, I am a harsh critic and I will find every little thing wrong with a movie. This movie makes you look past anything wrong with it, if it even has anything wrong with it.
Another thing to mention is I do not like gangster films. They hold no interest to me. I loved The Untouchables and Goodfellas. That is about it. So when I find a gangster movie that I like and that I can say WOW. Then you can rest assured that it will at least entertain you.

I am so glad American Gangster was the number movie last weekend. It deserved it. Watch the movie. Enjoy it. Enjoy the realism and the great visuals. I sure did.



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mbeckham1 11/12/2007 9:45:45 AM
Interesting note, I saw an interview with Ridley Scott on Showtime, and at one point they showed behind the scenes footage of them filming the "in broad daylight" scene. And the real Frank Lucas, who consulted along with the real Ritchie, could be scene beside one of the cameras and when the scene played out he nodded and said "That's how it happened."


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