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Die Hard 4 (the BETTER title)

July 04, 2007

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Live Free and Die Hard? Technically, shouldn't it be Live Easy and Die Hard? Oh man, I cannot stand the title. I actually almost didn't watch this movie because of the title. Thankfully I still watched it. But the title? Yech! I hate it. Moving on.

Okay, I am a huge Die Hard fan, yes I even watch Die Harder! I have been looking forward to this movie for awhile. This is a good film. It is not up to par with DH:WaV, but it is still good. One thing I loved was the action sequences. It was fun and it was nice seeing McClane get back to kicking ass just because he wants to do good, not because he has to, but because he wants to. Then when his daughter is included, then he is just balls to the wall crazy. Yes, some of the sequences were way over the top. The freeway and fighter jet were so unbelievable I had to laugh, but that is what Die Hard is now. If you can believe that John McClane is the center of all these terrorists acts then you can believe he can land on a Fighter Jet and then jump to the freeway. Len Wiseman is a fairly bad director, however, he does a decent job with this movie. Nice shots and good old fashion action sequences.

The Story is detailed but over the top. The acting can be wooden, but Willis is great as usual and Justin Long does a really great job as well. The Kevin Smith cameo is great ( poor guy is balding up a storm though!). There is not much more to tell about this story.  Watch the movie. It is highly recommended. It is fun to see McClane back and kicking some butt.

I am hoping another sequel and another director. Because this has a gret chance of being another great trilogy. How awesome would that be? Willis has TWO Die Hard Trilogies? Wouldn't that be a first?

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Jeffaulburn 7/7/2007 6:53:24 PM
Totally agree with you on every level of your review. I'd place this Die Hard smack in the middle of the Original and the second one "Die Harder", Die Hard 3 ( With A Vengence) being the best one. I also hope that if a 5th installment is done, hopefully not too soon. I kinda hope there isn't another one but if they try it I hope they wait two years or something and I also agree, they should bring in a new director but not someone who will try and make it all Computer Special effects cause as any Die Hard fan knows, Die Hard is about pure gun fighting and brute force. It's also about being McClane being put into a situation he doesn't want to be in but having to do the right thing. I hope that they stick to the basis of his character which was summed up nicely in "Die Hard" the Original; "Just a guy in the wrong place at the wrong time", or something like that.
almostunbiased 7/7/2007 8:13:58 PM
Time out, Jeff. Am I understanding you correctly? Are you saying the original Die Hard is the worst one? If so you are a lunitic. If not please explain your line up. Ok Time in.
Jeffaulburn 7/9/2007 11:53:34 PM
haha, oh god no, sorry for my wording there, I mean that the latest installment falls as listed: 1. Die Hard (3) - With A Vengence 2. Die Hard (Original) 3. Live Free or Die Hard (Die Hard 4) 4. Die Hard (2): Die Harder I too, like any sane/rational person find "Die Harder" a rip off of the original Die Hard but I no-less love it, just it's not the greatest of the 4 films.
muchdrama1 8/10/2007 11:27:23 PM
Are you friggin kidding me? Die Hard with a Vengeance at number 1? Pfft. 1) Die Hard 2) Live Free 3) Die Harder 4) With a Vengeance


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