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July 08, 2007

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Want to know one thing I heard watching this movie three times that I didn't hear in any other than Die Hard 4? Clapping. People clapping at the end of the movie. Yes, I watched this movie three times. I loved it. I thought it was a great movie. Still, I really think At World's End is a horrible title, it doesn't grab you like Curse of the Black Pearl or Dead Man's Chest. It had no pizzazz. Come on, marketing should have known this.

Truth be told, the trailer for this movie had me a bit worried. It didn't appeal to me. It didn't grab my attention like the trailer for Dead Man's Chest.  Or even the first one.  Another thing that kind of bothered me is Disney released this a year later after Dead Man's Chest. I think it would have done better in theaters if it were released in either 2008 or 2009. Build anticipation for the movie, that is a huge marketing know how.

Getting on with the movie. Is it perfect? No. However, it is entertaining. A lot of complaints for the movie is the fact Sparrow is not in the first 30 minutes or so. Well, remember he does play multiple characters in this one and he gets plenty of screen time. Another great addition that I could not wait to see is the wonderful Davy Jones. A great character and I love just watching him do his thing. Yet another complaint is that the movie was to confusing and to many plot lines. Hmmm, that is odd, because I had no problem with it and I didn't see anything that made me go "huh". Another thing is that the people saying this are the same people who loved Spidey 3. Ironic.

The beginning of POTC: AWE is actually quite of a downer, well a downer in a good way. It had a lot of emotion and it had me hooked. One thing I like about this trilogy is that it adds info in the next installment that was not even remotely in the previous installment. I think that is a bit of genius myself. This movie has great new characters,  the new addition to this movie is the character Captain Sao Feng, an Asian Pirate (he is the Pirate Lord of the South Sea) that adds a bit of hilarity to the movie in some scenes. He is not in the movie for that long, but he is still a great addition. And I welcome back with open arms Captain Barbosa. Wow, he is a great character through and through.

So, how does Jack come back? Interesting question,  well he is not really "dead", but more accurately in another "realm" of reality. In fact, his ship is with him intact. Jack is alone with his ship in a "salt lake city" kind of land (I am sorry, but one thing the director did not do is try to hide the fact that they were on dry salt beds.) This scene is actually very good and really visually awesome. Jack is basically the captain, of well, himself....or is it himselves? Anywho, during this scene is one of my favorite moments, rocks that transform into Crabs, yeah, transform. It was a really great scene and the FX are wonderful.

So what is up with Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner? Well, Will is still mad at Elizabeth and they are still working together to get an upper hand on the evil Cutler Beckett. In actuality, it is really about just stopping this man, not trying to stop anyone else. However, it is executed that someone seems to be a trader, and poor Sparrow is the one who looks like a trader. Davy Jones is now under the control of Beckett and he is on a rampage to kill all pirates. Oh and nice little twist, sort of, is that Tia Dalma is really Jones' lost love Calypso. This was a nice little addition to the story even if it was easily predictable. The fight scenes in this movie are really wonderful, I laughed and cringed and smiled at all of them. It was a great treat. I do not want to tell anymore of the story because some have not seen it and I think the ending is a nice one and that people will enjoy it. I have to admit the scene after the credits was great.

One more thing, hopefully no one cares about this, but the ending with Sparrow is fun. Barbosa leaves Jack and his first mate on a familiar shore and take off. Sparrow goes after them, but not after knowing that Barbosa might pull something and rips a certain section of Feng's charts. It happens to be a destination to the Fountain of Youth. This I thought was a great way to leave open another movie. Another movie is not needed, but if they do make another one. This story should be told.

Now there has been some confusion about how the Kraken Died. Did Sparrow kill the Kracken or did Jones? You see, while retrieving Jack from the other realm, they had to find a way to avoid the "locker," Sparrow saw the clues in the Charts and had everyone rock the Pearl to subside and be under water (how Jack gets them to do this is really funny). When they get back to the real world, the Kraken is a on a beach dead. Well, it is actually simple, Jones does kill it by order of Beckett. When Beckett boards the Dutchman, Beckett make a comment about him having his pet killed.

A few great scenes? Yes, there are several, but I am gonna give these. Keith Richards Cameo as Captain Teague or AKA, Jack Sparrow's Father. It was really funny and I thought he did a great job.

Some thought that this movie was long and boring, these same people also thought Spidey 3 was the best movie ever made. So obviously POTC:AWE is fantastic. It is fast and furious and I couldn't believe it was over. Thanks for the fun ride Disney and if you are going to continue, make us want it. Just do not force it. Not because it is a bad film, just because people were not yet ready for it. Also, make sure Jones is back. He is a wonderful character. For a great time in acting, story and action and FX. This is the movie. Long live Captain Jack.

So I leave you with this, yo ho, yo ho, a pirates life for me.


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