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Shrek the Third

July 08, 2007

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I know this review is a bit late, I just watched Shrek the Third for the second time. Many of you know that I am not a Shrek fan. I loathed the first Shrek, and Shrek 2 was a "jumping the shark" kind of movie. I even went around stating that they should have called Shrek 3 Shrek the Turd. Juvenile maybe, but I was entertained.

I will admit, the trailer for Shrek the Third was quite funny. Then the Second trailer came out and I was not that enthused. My brother (whom he and I usually have the same taste in movies) convinced me to watch Shrek 3 the first time. My brother claimed it was the best Shrek movie was was so funny. So I decided to watch it. I fell asleep. Then today, after busy week I decided to give my full attention to this movie. I respect Shrek for trying to shake up the mold. Make something out of nothing. The one thing I did like about Shrek is Donkey, he made me laugh and it was fun to watch him. then they added puss'n'boots, whom I find irritating and really not a useful character. Another thing I find irritating is the voice casting. Cameron Diaz does not have a voice to do animation. She sounds bland and monotone. Mike Myers is really funny (sometimes) and he can do voices to an extent. Anyone remember Cat in the Hat?

In this movie, they add Arthur with the voice "talent" of Justin TImberlake, wonder how he got the job? The movie starts off in the same manner as the others. No real direction (yes, Prince Charming is in a play and it is supposed to be funny....but it wasn't) and lame jokes. The animation was great, actually there were some scenes that were just fantastic. There were some good jokes and Donkey's kids were just awesome.

Prince Charming is s another character that is just plain annoying. The Third Shrek could have a bit more story than Fionna is pregnant and Prince Charming takes over as king and Shrek has to deal with fatherhood and save the kingdom, a scene that could have been really funny but again was not given proper treatment. And before I move on, I have to add this. I think CGI animation is a really getting better. I love the new stuff that is coming our visually. On that note, do we really have to see MOLES on every single person? One girl had moles all over her dang chest and  face. Why? Yes, I understand people have moles. I got the joke in the first two Shreks. The joke is dead now. NO, I have nothing against moles.....but geez, they lay it on a little thick, don't ya think? Moles on hands, arms, fingers, lips, legs, ears, and wherever else they think would be "funny". I am actually shocked there were no moles on the eyes and tongue.
I did like the scene where the princesses and all the ladies (I think one is manish) kick butt, it was funny and something was visually appealing. I like that Shrek takes real music and adds it to certain scenes. I liked it when Cinderalla throws her glass show and knocks out some guards. It was just a funny use of something that has a lot of meaning. The talking trees talking about hard it is being enchanted was also very funny. Oh....and the gingerbread poop....yeah it was in the trailer....but it was still great.

Overall, the movie was really shallow and bland. "I grow Daffodils and they are pretty." Wow, that was a bit lame. There was nothing special about this movie. I really hope they do not make anymore. If they do, I think the orge children should be a bit more grown up and be a little weaklings and Shrek is having issues with them being weak.
But, who knows. One thing that makes me mad is they bring back the character Prince charming and not Farquaad? I actually liked Farquaad. I do not like PC.

Who knows what happens with Shrek form here on out. I think it is old and tired. Of course the Box Office is going to dictate the future. So prepare for 'The Tenth Day of Shrek', it is inevitable.


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