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The Simpsons Movie

December 22, 2007

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Spider-pig, spider-pig doing what a spider-pig does.

LOL. Sorry, that is one awesome pig, screw that, that is one RADIANT pig. Is that even right the right movie? Seriously, The Simpsons Movie is really good. It is funny, feels like an old episode and has great voice acting. Especially Julie Kavner!
Where to begin? Well, the Itchy and Scratchy prologue is actually funny. At first, I thought they were going to far with the Looney tunes rip off, but then when Itchy "accidently" launches the was pure Simpsons.

Yeah, there is a message in the movie, people think that the message is religion is not real and that pollution is a joke, but people who say that do not understand the Simpsons. They try to open people’s eyes with great writing and humor. Imagine if the Bible were like that? Or maybe that was a little bit of a stretch? Either way, the Simpsons felt fresh and it showed with the writing.

To be honest, there were some things I did not like about the movie. It could have done without the Bart and Flanders sub-story. It was ok, but it seemed forced. That doesn't mean the movie is bad in any way. I just wish they could have tried something else. It seemed that Lisa and Bart had a sub-story going, but Marge did not. That kind of irritated me as well, but at Least Lisa's story was great. Her new love makes Lisa a little goofy and it was refreshing to see Lisa go Ga ga over a boy. Homer's trek (emotionally and physically) is really fun. Homer must be easy to right, but he had me rolling on the floor the whole time.

Grandpa has a vision of the town being corrupted and thrown into chaos! Twisted tails! A thousand eyes! Their fate SEALED. EEEEPAAAH EEEEPAAAH! Basically, the movie is about Lisa getting the town to clean up their polluted lake. In convincing the town at a town meeting, Lisa puts the Lake water in their glasses and after they are horrified they drank the water, they decided to do something about it. Which is what the Simpsons are about. Showing how America will only do something if it affects them in anyway. After the Lake is cleaned up (with great gags included) Homer neglects Bart after he dares him to streak naked down central Springfield. Bart does it of course and we get the infamous scene of seeing Bart’s "Doodle", as Bart himself' puts it. The Cops ask Homer if he really dared Bart to do this and Homer says no because the consequence would be to drastic (spending an hour in parenting class), which is another great poke the writers did about American Parenting.

SO Now Bart hangs out with Flanders, which, sounds weird. It really does sound weird...and feels weird. Moving on, Homer neglects Bart yet again, by ignoring Bart in a restaurant by being enthralled by a pig shooting a Krusty Burger Commercial. A great line from that scene go's as follows: Homer: You can't kill a pig wearing PEOPLE clothes!" Awwww.....classic Simpsons. Anyways, Homer decides to make a huge container to keep all the pig droppings in...oh and Homer helped. Marge wants it gone and BAM, horror ensues. Homer agrees to get rid of the container PROPERLY, but Lenny calls and informs Homer of free donuts (the health inspector closed the donut shop down) and Homer decides to dump the "Pig Crap" in the lake. Dun dun dun! Well, EPA decided that Springfield is too polluted and wants it quarantined. Now the town is after Homer since they found out Homer dumped the Crap in the Lake (Property of Homer Simpson (now reward), the container says), well, the Simpsons have to escape and they go to Alaska! You know what?! Why am I typing all this? WATCH THE MOVIE! It is great. It really is. I have to admit, I thought I would not like the movie, but I have seen it 15 times since I bought the DVD.....and is the best movie I have seen this year. Well, the best movie I have seen so far.


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GentlemenDeath 1/3/2008 4:56:40 PM
This movie was OK...I think that if I went in their with high expectations I would have been pretty dissapointed...


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