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Why so OverHyped?

July 20, 2008

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Well, The Dark Knight is out and we can plainly see how hype can make anyone go crazy or believe something is good. So, as the coming months came I too have to admit I was getting very excited for this movie. I have not watched many movies over the summer and I thought why not watch the highly anticipated movie of the year? Heath Ledger's death amped this movie up even more and hearing about him deserving an Oscar peaked my curiosity. Is the movie really that good or are they using his death to promote this movie  to the limits of decency?

My Wife REALLY wanted to see this movie. She is not like me. She can watch anything and find good in it. Which is hard for me sometimes, as I tend to rip movies apart. Yet, as we sat and waited for the movie to start I was getting excited. I could not wait for this movie. I too, have been sucked in. As the lights darkened and a soundless Batman Logo appears, I was ready to have fun.

Sadly, fun is not what happened to me at this viewing. From the beginning of the Joker/Bank Robbing scene, I felt I was not starting off well with this movie. Here's why.
The first scene is a scene that was given to the world months (more than half a year ago) where Joker sets up an "elaborate" bank Heist. As Jokers goons (All masked with clown masks) start robbing the bank, Joker states to certain individuals of his clan that they need to off their own goons to keep more of the money for themselves. As this is going on we have a vigilante in the Bank, a man who happens to have a shotgun and starts shooting at the robbers. One of the goons asks another goon if the vigilante has shot his last round...humorously the other goon knod's and so he takes this que and prepares to fire at the vigilante, then gets shot by the Vigilante. The Goon looks at the other goon ad states "Where did you learn to count!?" A joke setup to humor us. One issue, the goon who is shot and irritated that his co-worker counted incorrectly is also incapable of counting? This is a small issue, but irritating none-the-less. So lets movie on. The Vigilante is shot in the legs and lower stomach and he is on the floor hurting. One of the Goons is ready to shoot the other when a bus crashes through the bank and kills him. The Last Goon left starts filling up the Bus with the money and the Vigilante on the floor start ranting about how dumb he is for robbing the bank and that low lives like him will pay for what they have done. The Goon walks over and says "What doesn't kill you makes you STRANGER"  then takes off his clown mask! Ta Da, it was the Joker the whole time. Shocking huh? So Joker puts a grenade in the Vigilantes mouth and walks away. Well the Vigilante seems to have lost arm use as he does not take the grenade out he just sits there and cry about it being in his mouth. All he had to do is take it out. Makes sure the clip is not pilled and when ready, pull the clip and chuck it at the Joker. But nooooo, we need to believe he would leave it in his mouth. Joker has a string to the grenade and as the Joker gets in the bus and it drives away, the string pulls the grenade pin and smoke comes out. then we see the Bus drive away in OPEN TRAFFIC!!!! This is my issue. The Bus crashes through the bank on a busy street and then when it drives away it happens to drive away behind other School buses in a CROWDED street. How did the bus even get past traffic to crash in the bank? How did the Bus not get noticed? Where are the cops if it were noticed? the WHOLE scene is RUINED by this dumb idiotic shot. Drove me nuts.

So I have to move on. As stated before this whole Joker/Bank scene in the beginning just shot some of my hopes, but I TRIED to get into the rest of the movie. I really did. So lets go further into the story. I will talk about a great scene, in which Batman go's to Hong Kong and kidnaps this "Accountant" who is in charge of different Mafia thugs in Gotham City (Why? I guess they are scared of bats….?) so they can find out where the Mafia is hiding (Joker Warned them that Bats would do this, and asked to be paid for his services, they laugh at him at first, but once the bats gets their accountant…they need his help.). So now Joker goes to one of the mafia king pins and tells this touching (lying) story of how he got his scars right before he offs the head of the gang. You see, the whole point of his scars is the fact he does not like talking about them. They are his little weakness in a way. Joker gets enraged when people point them out. So this was a bit annoying. As th Movie progresses we see that Harvey Dent is cleaning up Gotham and now people want his head, especially Joker. Harvey Dent is going out with Bruce Wayne’s Ex Rachel Dawes and it looks like Harvey has the perfect life. Well, not so much. As this is happening, for some Reason the Joker wants Batman to reveal who he really is or he will kill people. This makes Batman Question whether he should tell people or not. Is he doing good or bad…yawn. Not much dramatics. AS this is happening, Harvey Dent is at a huge parade press conference rally thing and Joker is waiting to kill him (no one notices the guy with HUGE scars on his face but whatever), as the Joker is set to shoot Harvey, Commissioner Gordon gets in the way and is in turn the victim. He is dead, which we know is not the case, but for their story he is for now. Now everyone is mad at Batman as they think it is his issue and wants him to reveal himself (oh there is this useless side story of an accountant who discovers that Bruce Wayne is Batman while doing the numbers…it appears that Accountants have access to classified military productions within a company. Very Believable.) So Bruce is ready to do so, but Harvey Dent is the one who confesses that he is batman. So he is arrested and taken into custody. Joker attempts to kill Harvey, thinking he is Batman (yet later, Joker states he doesn’t want to kill batman, as Batman is Joker yin to his yang. Accurate.) Batman saves him and we then see that Commissioner Gordon is not dead but planned this elaborate death to protect his family, yet later Two Face kidnaps his family, later….nice. So Joker is in custody, but while they interrogate him he has this elaborate plan that involves kidnapping Rachel and Harvey Dent. Joker finally reveals the locations after they realize Dent and Rachel are missing. Here is the odd part. Batman Goes after Dent, not Rachel. Why? It is never indicated that The Joker gave Batman the slip with mixing up the addresses. So why Dent? Yeah, he is a good guy, sort of. But Batman is always known for saving someone he cares about first. Making the tough choice. Yet, when Rachel “dies” in the bomb explosion, not much emotion is given by Bruce that it was a huge loss. It was more like she knew what path she choice. Very odd scene and it just does not work.

So where are we at now? Well not much. As Batman saves Harvey (who is mad the Bat CHOOSE him over Rachel, as most were in my theater)half his face is unfortunately in gasoline. When the the explosions start fire gets a hold of his gas soaked face and burns it half off. Now I will give the movie this, Two-Face looks badass. Hands down Badass. I just think over-all he looks the best out of Joker and himself. Really nice. Yeah it is CGI, but REALLY good CGI. Great job on that. So, moving on. Two Face is mad that Bats saved Rachel and he has lost his “family” (he has no other family? Really? Now my issue with Two Face is he does not deal with multiple personality or is even friends with Bruce Wayne, in fact he barely knows Bruce in the movie. This kind of irritated me. At least stick SOMEWHAT to the comics, damn. Drives me nuts. Anyways, how is Dent kidnapped? Well corrupt cops of course. While Joker plans to blow up an anonymous hospital in Gotham (All hospitals are quickly evacuated) Joker plans a visit to Two-Face (Joker is in a nurses dress…this scene is actually good and funny and plays well.) and even gives him a gun to shoot the Joker with (why is this even important? Does Joker know he will flip a coin? Even so, what if it flips against his favor? None of this scene makes sense.) and somehow convinces Two-Face that others are responsible for his disfigurement. So Two-Face goes out to the Corrupt cops and does his own Vigilante justice. Oh and then kidnaps Gordon's Family, why? I guess because Gordon works with Corrupt cops? Not real sure. So as this is all happening. Joker gives another scare to Gotham, and says that they can either stay or leave (to the residents of Gotham) and they are leaving. Apparently two Large cargo ships are the answer. One filled with Criminals, and another filled with everyday people. Oh and somehow, they are both rigged with explosives and both ships have detonators for the other boat. Joker says that they can either blow one ship up and the other will be let go. Or he will blow them up both at Midnight. Well, this is where I get mad. Apparently, the communication on the ships are cut off. So they can not communicate with each other. Hmmmm….ever hear of CELL PHONES!!?!? Shit, Batman is using cell phones all over Gotham to see in SONAR (even looks on both ships) but they do not communicate with each other? It is RETARDED! This is one of the most useless scenes. Who doesn’t check the Cargo ships to see if they are wired with explosives? Just get on two Cargo ships? WHAT?!?!?! Are you kidding me? Anyways, Batman Finds Joker and stops him and Batman then Find Two-Face and stops him from killing Gordon's son. YAWN. Now Batman must be the bad guy in order to protect Dents reputation or something, not really coherent on that issue. So, Batman is on the run. But also Protecting Gotham. So odd. Actually, just plain dumb. So here is something else I do not get. Harvey Says That you either die the Hero or live long enough to be the villain. Well Batman Lived, and Harvey Died. Yeah, Batman is on the run and is considered bad, but he is a hero. Harvey is the bad guy, even if they hide the truth. Makes no since. Oh and Joker lived, is he the Hero? So dumb. This movie stole a lot from the original Batman. Which makes me angry. The street Scene with Batman and joker the Batman and Joker standoff at the top of a building. Just IRRITATING. BE ORIGINAL.

Well, I give this movie a D- for just hyping itself on Heath’s death. I love Heath and watched “10 Things I Hate About You” to remember the good times I had with him. He is a great actor and we lost a great guy. Yet, this is not my favorite performance by him. It is way over-hyped. He deserves more than this. His Joker reminded me of Jeff Goldblum's performance in The Fly. Just irritating with the lip-licking and hunch over posture and nerdy voice. NOTHING was scary about him. I wanted to give him a wedgie and flush his head in the toilet. His Joker was too dirty and and just not Joker. Their Joker is a bastardisation of the real Joker. RIP Heath, as you gave this role a worthy effort, but just not for me.

TDK broke records this weekend, but it will die off. As people seem to have the hype wearing off. Too many flaws in the movie to make it great. I smell a huge drop next week. Yeah, I could be like any other mindless sap, but I want my movies GOOD. Not Just give me hype. Or use someones Death to promote a movie. Oscar? NO WAY. This is like Cloverfield, except we Know who Batman is, he has been around for a long time. Oh, and this movie should have been rated R. The Violence in this movie was unbelievable. Yeah, no blood or anything, but come on. The death toll was astounding! Done.


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