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Superman: Doomsday

September 20, 2007

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Well, to start off, I was really excited about this movie. It sounded good, and it seemed that this would be the movie most people wanted. In a way it is and in a huge way it is not what people wanted are expected. TO be completely honest, the title is a bit misleading.

Superman: Doomsday is a fairly well made movie. It is surprisingly graphics (which makes the movie better) and the movie is fast paced. the movie is really not altered that much from the comic, it still has a few great elements and the changes do not change the story all that much. One thing missing though is the four Supermen that took over after Supes "died". Maybe it was due to budget or maybe it was just not something they wanted to do, but they should have had the four supermen involved. The Movie may have been a bit longer, but well worth it. Sadly, this movie is only 75 minutes long, including credits. Kinda short if you ask me.

One other issue is that Supes and Dooms only fight for a few minutes, it is not the huge knock out we would expect. Even the death of doomsday and Supes was quick and painless. No emotion, no impact. The way Supes kills Doomsday is quick and unsuspecting. Which is probably how real life is, but in a movie, the audience has to be connected and know that Superman has to make a decision, and knows that this might kill him. There was just no emotional build up.

The animation is fairly decent, I enjoy this animation and I thought it looked good. One design I did not like, and this may sound odd, was Supes Face. For some reason they added these weird lines on his face, which is to add cheek bones or something, but it looks messy. It is hard not to look at them and cringe. For me anyways.

Supes and Lois are in a relationship, but has not told her about Clark Kent. He wants to, but he feels it would put lois in danger. Which would not make sense. Clark Kent no one cares about, but Superman's girlfriend? Yeah, that puts her in danger.

The movie was great after the death scene of Supes and Dooms. Luthor clones Supes from blood spilled from the doomsday battle. The Clone is becoming more powerful and self aware that he should be running metropolis, if not the world. Of Course supes comes back to life with the assistance of a trusty robot. Then the battle between Good Supes and Mildly irritated Supes begins.

This movie is not he best, but I still think it is better than Superman Returns. At least this movie went for story AND action and really pulled both of them off. The only thing I wish was that it had more cameos from other superheros after his death and the Reign of Supermen were present. The whole evil Supes and Good supes is old. The movie would have been fantastic if the battle between Doomsday was a bit more emotional and the Supermen were present.

Definitely check the movie out for yourself. It is really a watchable movie despite the flaws. I have watched it twice already and still enjoyed it. Now I am looking forward to the Justic League: New Frontier set in the 50's. That looks fairly decent as well. Keep them coming DC. And Bring us a great Batman film as well.

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PAGE 9/21/2007 2:05:44 AM
I agree with your review TheCollector. I enjoyed this film as well, but it definitely was not what I was expecting. I did enjoy the story, the action was good, but I also wished the Reign of Supermen story could have been intact. And you are absolutely right about the fight with Doomsday. It was great and all, but it was way too short and there was no emotion with the fight like there was with the comic book. And what was the deal with no other superheroes present? One of the biggest (if not the biggest which he is in my opinion) heroes in the DC universe and no other superheroes are present at his funeral? That was the other big part about his death in the comic book. In the "Funeral For A Friend" storyline, you got to see how Superman's death affected other superheroes, and not even a glimpse of that was in this movie. That was a little disappointing. And I also thought the lines on Superman's face was a little messy. It seemed to me they were going for somewhat of an aged Superman, or maybe even a Superman that had a bit of an edge to him, but they made almost look Bizarro like. And, I really like Adam Baldwin, and I think he is a really good actor, however I really didn't like him in the role of Superman. Again, maybe because they wanted a Superman that had a bit more of an edge to him, however it didn't work for me. I also didn't like Ann Heche as Lois Lane. And Adam Baldwin made Clark Kent sound really nerdy. Way over the top! Clark Kent was never nerdy, he just appeared to be clumsy to throw people off. But i'd give the movie the same grade. There was definitely more action in this Superman movie as opposed to Superman Returns, and it is worth watching more than once. I'd give the movie the same grade. Excellent review!
laforcer69@yahoo.com_home 9/21/2007 7:53:59 PM
I had mixed feelings about this movie and you pretty much hit on all of them. Your review was spot on about how I felt and I have a feeling it will be the same for allot of people...
ALIEN 9/22/2007 3:58:39 PM
I have to agree with this review. Another item I agree with are the lines on Superman's face. They seem messy and unwarranted. The movie was a bit too short and yes, it is not the Death of Superman without other superheroes mourning. The Supermen should have been in the movie as well. Was anyone else disappointed with the Extras?


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