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A Cute Anime That Plays Well And Makes Smile

September 16, 2009
Release Date: February 24, 2009

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The characters in sister princess are many and have varied personalities.Each sister has her own click and the brother as
well. The chemistry between the characters is really good you see real emotion played out before you and it makes you wonder
what would you do if you had 12 sisters living with you.
The dialouge in sister princess has ups and downs, the dialouge suits the series and gives you the feel of what each
character is feeling giving you the greater experience but it does have those points of dialouge that just aren't needed but
they are short and virtually unnoticeable.
The story speaks for itself it's about a guy named wataru who get's rejected from high school and get's sent to promise
island were he meets his sisters and that is the bulk of the story each episode deals with wataru enhancing his relationship
with his twelve sisters.
The presentation is good the anime presents itself as unique cute and funny and puts that thought into your head what would
you do if you had twelve sisters living with you each one cherishing you more than life itself.

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