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Writers for TMNT Reboot (Article) - 8/20/2010 7:51:14 AM

the live action tv show was on fox back in 1997-98 i actualy liked it.

EXPENDABLES Victory for Stallone (Article) - 8/16/2010 6:15:01 AM

Does anybody actualy care what happens in Canada? Besides hockey there isn't much going on there anyway.

THE EXPENDABLES Review (Article) - 8/14/2010 9:43:51 AM

i'm hoping when Schwarzenegger is finished with being the governor of Cal. he goes back and does a few more action movies!

THE EXPENDABLES Review (Article) - 8/13/2010 5:12:55 PM

I've noticed that if critics love a movie just stay far from it because chances are it probably blows

5 Reboots We Would Love to See (Article) - 8/13/2010 5:02:55 PM

favorite line from maximum overdrive was when stephen king  said to his wife "honeybun this machine just called me a asshole"

Latest RE: Afterlife Trailer (Article) - 8/13/2010 4:35:08 PM

this looks realy good. i was thinking today about other games that should be made into a movie series and i think the best choice would be the legacy of kain series.

Schwarzenegger vs. Stallone (Article) - 8/12/2010 8:02:47 AM

good list but i actualy liked those comedy movies they were in

MGM Seeks OUTER LIMITS (Article) - 8/3/2010 12:40:19 PM

The MGM Grand Casino is probably one of the best casinos in Vegas so i don't see that as a bad thing to have.

20 More Cosplaying Babes & Geeks from Comic-Con (Article) - 7/24/2010 7:37:50 AM

isn't it warhammer 40k not 400,000?

5 Reasons Why We Love Christopher Nolan (Article) - 7/15/2010 8:59:20 AM

i can't stand his movies and i'm realy hoping a better director gets to make a new batman movie soon


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