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OmegaDean 6/2/2012 5:56:10 PM

Depending on the story telling Zillaman it can work. Think about CYBORG.. the poorly done van dam vehicle. What if there is one bastion of technology left and they create the car for Max. Perhaps the new Max is the son of the original. Maybe the scavengers find this place and destroy it and the only thing left is that car... so many possibilities.

I'm actually looking forward to this though... I'm with you wise it gona have to be something special though


thezillaman 6/2/2012 6:37:24 PM

@OmegaDean, i guess so. though his son died in the first movie and was pronounced dead on the scene. whatever the case this needs to have some very hardcore action and a good story line to make justice for the original MAD MAX. and forget the 3RD MAD MAX ever happend..

elrushbo 6/2/2012 10:01:30 PM

This is just like Bourne with out Damon, it is not Mad Max, why call it Mad Max?

stonedtodeath 6/3/2012 9:36:21 AM

I feel alone on this, but I liked all of the Mad Max movies, including Beyond the Thunderdome.  I liked the campy characters like Master Blaster, The Humungus, Pig Killer, and Jedediah (Bruce Spence as the Gyro Captain and the Pilot).  I guess after reading comics for almost 20 years I've become numb to the idea of a reboot.  I liked X-Force in the 90's, but I never religously read it until a couple of years ago when X-Force became a hit squad full of mutant (and non-mutant) bad-asses.  I feel the same about movie franchises.  I'll keep my eyes open for news regarding the movie, watch the trailers when they're released, and decide whether or not I want to see the movie in a theatre or at home.  I'm sure that most of you will do the same.  At the end of the day, what guy can resist fast cars, big explosions, and sexy ass women.....I can't.

ripum853 6/3/2012 11:11:28 AM

Theron's awesome, even though her scenes in Snow White started to get a little ridiculous after a while.  But lately she's been saying that she'd love to be in Game of Thrones.  Would be awesome if she'd do a smaller role for cheaper pay (although unlikely I know); but on top of that difficulty, I can't even think of many characters coming up that she could play...

ObiWannaJones 6/3/2012 12:06:24 PM

 I all have to say about Miller is this - Babe 2: Pig in the City 

"Nuff Said" 

swisshammer 6/3/2012 3:07:08 PM

I'm with you, stonedtodeath. I liked all of the Mad Max movies. The goofiness made them better, in my opinion. How do you not like Master Blaster and Humungus?

I'm looking forward to this. To answer an earlier post–I forget who it was–it looks like this is going to take place in the distant future with more high-tech cars that some can afford and others can't. I think it's going to be a completely new story without many real ties (other than how his family died) to the original franchise. But I'm sure it will retell the mythos to update those who hadn't seen the originals.

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