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What is This?

A look at some weird-at-first-sight games

By Troy Roberts     May 09, 2003

Do you ever wonder why you want to play a certain game (and yes, I realize most of my Gamers' Thumbs begin with questions, but you'll have to excuse me tonight)? At times I'll see a game that many people might consider weird that is coming out, but even so, afterwards I can't wait for it to get here. The reason I was thinking about this is because I was noticing my dance-pad for DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION earlier, and was thinking about how some of my friends tease me about enjoying that game. But, fun is fun, right?

I remember when SHENMUE was originally announced a while back. And I mean a long while back. My first thoughts for this game were "You can roam anywhere in the city? Holy crap that will be awesome!" Of course, a lot of the people I tried to tell this game about said it either sounded boring or stupid because it took place in Japan. And I thought "Just wait, it'll be a huge success." Okay, I was right on one front - the game is awesome although it hasn't met with great numbers yet. But a lot of the people I told about SHENMUE, who didn't originally like the concept of the game, have gotten hooked on both of the games and can't wait for the third game in the series.

Anyone remember SEAMAN for the Dreamcast? I really hate to say this, but I thought this was going to be one awesome game. I remember incorporating information about the game into articles I would write and talking about how cool the game was going to be when it came out. I mean you could raise a fish and talk to it and it would talk back! What could not be cool about that? A lot apparently. Needless to say, I was really wrong about this one. SEAMAN turned out to be one of the biggest disappointments that I can remember.

DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION is one of those games that your friends give you a hard time about owning. The game is really fun but most people I know don't even want to step onto the dance-pad and try it out, even after I've assured them a million times it is fun. As is known, most guys don't find dancing that fun - I never really did until playing this game the first time. Yeah, you might look like an idiot while playing, but at least you'll look like an idiot having a lot of fun.

But if anything appeals to you, be sure to play it no matter how stupid it may seem or look. Sure, ANIMAL CROSSING looked really kiddy the first time I saw it, but it turned out to be a cool game. But, play what you will, and play what you want.


For those who don't know, The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is next week and we plan on having coverage from the floor...DRAGONBALL Z: BUDOKAI is coming to the GameCube in October...The expansion for EVERQUEST: ONLINE ADVENTURES for the Playstation 2 has been announced...Namco has withdrawn their offer to merge with Sega...

Niobe kicks in ENTER THE MATRIX


Okay, I would give the nod to THE SIMS: SUPERSTAR expansion, but since ENTER THE MATRIX comes out this week, that one will be considered our game of the week.

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