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Over the last 13 or 14 some years I have always enjoyed this site.  Though it does drive me crazy how they keep constantly changing everything.  More importantly they don't improve things as much as they completely change them, and normally before the site is fully functioning.  To be fair I always get used to the site and it is generally good.  I just wish they'd pole us on what we like before they go crazy and change everything.

As for the people here, there aren't too many people (and I'm not refering to employees, but us visitors) here from when it started.  Not sure if that says anything about the site or if these people just outgrew it, or were driven off by attitudes of some.  The fun thing is that with new people comes new ideas and attitudes and that makes it always interesting.


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michaelxaviermaelstrom 1/31/2009 6:38:44 PM


I'm with you AU.

1. PRAISE: This new eviler design is by far my fav layout Cinescape/Mania has yet produced. it is increasingly aesthetically appealing up the wazoo to moi.  (as the bugs get ironed out)

but there is a recurring problem: the web 2.0 design aspect

(aka member features: submitted content in blogs, images, videos, msg editing features, et cetera)

Always seems to be in some sort of inconsistent on-again off-again flux at Mania.

The thing about Mania is that, as you say, it (impressively to its credit and enjoyably to her members) is constantly attracting new members, but it seems to bleed as many as it attracts after every _Mania design change_. 

Mania is like a platinum bucket.

Mania has the gift, it has no problem filling that bucket up with new members, in a way that half the web must be envious of, but members keep falling out of a hole at the bottom of the Mania design bucket!

In short: New Membership is high, but Retention is low.

A poor member retention level (on a website that doesn't meet its members desires) is 1 to 6 months.

An average member retention level (on a website designed to adequately meet its members desires) is approximately 2 years.  That's if you don't really try to please them but you also don't piss any of them off.

A high member retention level on a website designed to meet its members desires, is approximately 5 years.

AFAIK the highest  retention is maintained through consistant high profile vocal dedicated support of your members desires.  With instant replies to member feedback, and a high temoral reaction-rate to member suggs.  It makes the members feel valued for their contribution to the site.  Uber-loyalty is built there.

That is why Web 2.0 features are so important..

Media Sites may justifiably and even reasonably feel that it would prefer to highlight its own professional content, because after-all it's payin its own writers for it, but giving a nod to the membership and a place for them to get some exposure _too_ is the best of all setups for everyone involved on the web.

I)n M)y O)bservation.

And Mania Management MUST know that.

It's almost as if Mania is driven to deliberately shake its members off the site every year or so, by re-designing it in a drastic manner, expanding then curtailing the web 2.0 member aspect.

Perhaps through some sort of self-hatred and self-sabotage, born of some disbelief that it could possibly be this popular.


Well, that of Mania just likes tryin to shake things up every now and then to see if they can hit on somethin new and different.

And Mania is constantly getting new members, so they may not even notice the hole in the bottom of the bucket.

who knows, either way, I dig this place, and I forgive it its trespasses, whatever or whyever they may be.





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