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Thomas Covenant returns in THE RUNES OF THE EARTH

Is Stephen R. Donaldson's pessimistic hero alive?

By Patrick Sauriol     October 22, 2004

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It has been more than two decades since fantasy novelist Stephen R. Donaldson closed the door on the chronicles of Thomas Covenant. Mysteriously transported into a magical world simply called The Land, and called "The Unbeliever" by its inhabitants because Thomas refuses to accept that this place is anything more than a fever dream or illusion, Donaldson's anti-hero battled the forces of Lord Foul and seemingly won peace for The Land but at the cost of his own life. Now, 21 years since the sixth and supposedly final Covenant book was published, Donaldson has written the first book in a supposedly Final Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series, THE RUNES OF THE EARTH. It was published last week.

RUNES picks up the story ten years after the death of Covenant and back in our world. Thomas' lover, Linden Avery, lives with her knowledge of The Land and takes care of Thomas' child, Daniel. One day she comes home to find the boy playing with his toys -- and making images of places from The Land, a place he shouldn't remember. A darkness is coming for Avery and her child, and it will mean she will have to return to The Land and find out what has befallen this picturesque world and what connection it has to Daniel. And is Thomas Covenant somehow still alive?

Weighing in at 532 pages, the hardcover edition of THE RUNES OF THE EARTH is now out in stores. It carries a retail price of $26.95.

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