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THOR Costume: First Look


By Rob M. Worley     June 03, 2010
Source: Various

Thor Costume: First Look! Plus: Walking Dead first look! Scott Pilgrim first TV ad. FLUORESCENT BLACK first tease and more! Born in a lab with chicken legs and no arms, it's your Comics2Film 10.6.3!



Joe Quesada Named Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment

From a press release

Marvel Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has promoted Joe Quesada to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel Entertainment.  In this new role, Mr. Quesada will work alongside Alan Fine, Executive Vice President, Office of the President and Chairman of Marvel Studios’ Creative Committee, to ensure that all portrayals of Marvel’s characters and storytelling remain true to the essence of Marvel’s rich history. Additionally, Mr. Quesada will provide creative oversight of all areas of Marvel’s business including theatrical, television, publishing, animation and games, while also actively participating in all story and script development for Marvel’s films and animation. Prior to this promotion, Mr. Quesada held the role of Chief Creative Officer & Editor-In-Chief, Marvel Animation & Publishing and oversaw the creative aspects of Marvel Comics and Marvel Animation. The announcement was made today by Mr. Fine, to whom Mr. Quesada will report.

Mr. Fine stated, “I am excited to have Joe join me as Marvel Entertainment enters the next chapter in our history. Joe has already played an instrumental role as Editor-in-Chief in changing the face of the comic book industry with bold new ventures and an unprecedented penetration of the mainstream consciousness. His love and passion for Marvel, along with his experience guiding publishing for the last decade, will be invaluable as we bring our characters to life in new media.”

“I am honored to take this new position at Marvel Entertainment and work with Alan to bring the rich history of Marvel to a brand new audience” said Mr. Quesada.  “Together with the incredible talent here at Marvel, in all our divisions, I look forward to making Marvel an even bigger part of the entertainment industry and showing why we’ve been an industry leader for over 70 years.”

Mr. Quesada will also continue to serve as Editor-In-Chief, Marvel Publishing, where over the past decade he has helped usher in bold new imprints such as Marvel Knights, the Ultimate Universe and Marvel MAX. During his tenure, Marvel received acclaim for its Heroes special to commemorate the events of September 11, 2001; the groundbreaking Death of Captain America storyline; and President Obama’s historic team up with Spider-Man. Mr. Quesada is also one of the industry’s most popular artists, providing cover and interior art to blockbusters such as Amazing Spider-Man, Daredevil, Invincible Iron Man and more.



TRANSFORMERS Girl Officially Official, Production Starts

Just in case it was keeping you up at night: the official Michael Bay website confirms that Victoria's Secret model Rosie Huntington Whitely is, in fact, cast as the new hot chick in Transformers 3.

Incidentally, the movie has begun production, according to an article in the L.A. Times. The filming is shooting on a sound stage at the former Spruce Goose Howard Hughes hangar at Playa Vista and will be engaging in several location shoots in Los Angeles over the next several weeks. Long Beach, West Hollywood, Century City and Malibu are named as locations.

The movie will apparently spend  4 and 1/2 months in the L.A. area, and the remaining month and a half of filming will span Chicago, Detroit, Washington and Cape Canaveral, Fla., Russia and an undisclosed African country, according to producer Ian Bryce said.




A few years back there were plans afoot to adapt Matt Wilson and Nathan Fox's graphic novel Fluorescent Black into film. The book, which is being presented in serial form by Heavy Metal magazine was to be developed by Imagi with producer Galen Walker. All has been quiet since then, although Imagi Studios faded out of existence last year in the wake of the underachieving Astro Boy movie.

Still Heavy Metal continues to publish chapters of Fluorescent, which tells of a chaotic future where human bodies are sliced and sold on the black market.

Indeed, this morning the follow tease landed in our inbox:

So you think Splice might be good? Biopolis [is] a real 7 billion dollar funded city inside Singapore where the worlds best genetic scientist can get funded -- for what??  This is really going on and now after 3 years 'Fluorescent Black' Graphic Novel expose is hitting Comicon 2010  it is one crazy si-real ride. What if it all turns out like we are Splice?

We're also directed to the website for a trailer of the graphic novel.

So what does this mean for the movie? Well, Walker was also producer of TMNT at Imagi and has enjoyed some heat recently as a producer on the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie as well. Imagi Studios is gone but the parent company has said they will continue to develop their intellectual properties while farming out animation tasks to outside studios.

We're not sure where that places the film version of Fluorescent Black but with the collected OGN hitting this summer, it could mean new life for the movie.




You may still be enjoying the full-length trailer for Scott Pilgrim vs The World, but fans who watched Glee this week saw the TV spot below, which reveals a couple of cool new things. The movie arrives August 13th.




In honor of the official start of production, AMC TV has quickly ramped up a web presence for the new original series The Walking Dead complete with zombierific a photo gallery and a video intro from show-runner Frank Darabont.

Click one of these thumbnails for additional photos of the show's undead legions (or "The Walkers" as they call them).


And here's Frank Darabont talking about the show...

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.



THOR Costume: First Look

Well, yesterday the concept art for Captain America: The First Avenger hit the web. Today scored a couple of similar concept illustrations from the Thor movie!

These appear to have been rendered by the same artist and are consistent with the somewhat obscure photo that was released from the film in April. The photos have Hemsworth face glued onto them, and also give us a look at Mjolnir, which glows with an energy that extends into the handle.

Collider, Ain't it Cool, JoBlo and now HitFix all verify that these images are legitimate design art from the films. The Motion Captured blog at HitFix also offers these insights about the Thor images which address some of the concerns C2F had while looking at them. Their observations are based on the fact that they saw Hemsworth in costume on the set of the film.

For one thing, [the actual costume] does not appear to be made of vinyl or plastic when you see the costume in context and in motion.  I'm surprised by how disco-shiny those photos make him look, because that's not at all what it looks like in the film.  There's a real cloth and metal feel to all of the costuming, especially the Asgardian stuff.

Click the thumbnails for the full-sized images:

What do you think, Maniacs? Does THOR look badass or what? Post your comments below...

Thanks to AntoBlueberry for the submission.


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GL2814_home 6/3/2010 6:20:15 AM

dude its about time.  now if only they'll show a pic of him with his helmet on. 

GL2814_home 6/3/2010 6:29:52 AM

at least the hammer looks bad ass

GL2814_home 6/3/2010 6:31:13 AM

dude its about time.  now if only they'll show a pic of him with his helmet on. 

Rheul_home 6/3/2010 6:52:33 AM

Thor looks awesome. Very beliveable. Now lets see the helmet!

Hobbs 6/3/2010 7:11:13 AM

We all saw the Hammer at end of IM2 so that isn't anything new.  I like the design but photo shop images with the head inserted doesn't really work for me.  We need those spy photos taken.

Never been a Joe Quesada fan.  He is one of the reasons Marvel comics suck today. 

Wiseguy 6/3/2010 7:34:34 AM

Joe Q is the effing man, Marvel is the juggernaut that it is today partly thanks to him. Once he put the Marvel Knights imprint on the map you knew this cat was destined for greatness. Then he helped usher in the Ultimate Universe and Marvel hasn't looked back as it has left ALL their competitors in the dust. Hooray for Joe Q and the bright future in store for Marvel

I like the THOR costume from the waist up. Not really feeling the pants or the boots. They needed to stick to something with a more medieval look. Maybe thick leather straps crisscrossing brown or tanned leather boots. The pants could've used some of that chainmail look too on them. We always knew the costumes would be hard to adapt cause no one seems to want to stick to a loyal comic book look, too bad. Still psyched though and looking forward very much to this, I'm all in all the way

bryanferryfan 6/3/2010 7:42:20 AM

Not a bad look for Thor.  Can't wait to see what Loki looks like.  Marvel has me sold.  Quesada should do an excellent job so I'm not worried about the Marvel films just the animated ones.  Come on Marvel do some animated films on some of the other characters in the Marvel Universe. DC is kicking your but on those  direct to video films.

AmbyWarhol 6/3/2010 7:45:02 AM

Wiseguy I don't think they are going for the medieval look.  From the image and the "glowing" hammer, I think we are dealing with a more modernized Asgardian style.  Does the hammer glow from technology or magic?  Thor's pants look almost futuristic if we can trust the source of this image.  Can't wait to find out what they are up to in relation to Thor.  Mythical God or Technologically advanced Aliens from another dimension???


cellarboylives 6/3/2010 8:04:08 AM

I for one was much more impressed with the zombie pictures. Freak'in Awesome!

animefanjared 6/3/2010 8:49:21 AM

I have to say, I'm really impressed with both the Thor and Captain America designs.  I think it's a great cross between honoring the comic book designs while creating something that looks a bit more "real world."

I find it funny how polarizing Joe Quesada is among fans.  Obviously they must love him at Marvel, since they keep promoting him.  Either that, or he has MAJOR dirt on all of his bosses. :-)

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