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DarthDuck 3/11/2010 6:36:19 AM


The more I hear about Thor, the better and better it sounds.  All the 'spoilers' didn't strike me as anything too surprising and it's more of a relief to hear they're doing it right.

Calibur454 3/11/2010 6:47:46 AM

I'll wait for a trailer before commenting further on Thor

Iron man 2 and Kick ass - oh yes I will see


jfdavis 3/11/2010 6:57:12 AM

It is good to know now that thwere will be a end credit scene because I hate leaving if there is one and hate staying if there isn't...

Wiseguy 3/11/2010 8:05:12 AM

The ODINSON will rule all next year. Everything sounds good, can't wait to see him in costume or just see him since that isn't a costume to him

Flint521466 3/11/2010 9:25:13 AM

THOR sounds great!  Knew it was gonna be good when Branagh signed on.   Really like the direction Marvel is headed in.

SgtTechCom 3/11/2010 9:33:24 AM

Silver Banshee costume looks good just like the comics finally someone is using close to the original look for a TV show and not doing the whole lame leather jumpsuit thing.

Cant wait for Smallville to Return!

Thor's custome better just have the red cape and the traditional helmet.


gauleyboy420 3/11/2010 10:00:13 AM

KUDOS to DC...Free comics... good plan If I like it I'll buy, no check it out from my library... and maybe see the movie...

The More Kick-Ass stuff I see, the more I want to see the movie again... It was so good.

Smallville clip was cool, I love me some Green Arrow.

That Iron Man re-mix was nice too, can't wait for some Iron Man

gauleyboy420 3/11/2010 10:04:19 AM

Also we actually should be busting Smallvilles balls a little and Topless Robot explains why, check out this link

SONYMANswallows 3/11/2010 10:06:24 AM

It does not have to take place afterwards. He says they made him disappear. This is what he knows. Banner may just be on the run and hiding.


It would be nice if they used the SPIRE hole in Chicago. Its a few stories deep and wide by the chicago lakeshore. Its abandonded since they are no longer building the Spire.

Rheul_home 3/11/2010 11:49:03 AM

I wouldnt consider any of the Thor stuff real spoilers. Looks like we're in for a treat. With each marvel film being better than the last I just hope the bubble doesnt burst.

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