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Wiseguy 1/3/2011 7:57:26 AM

Sweet, would love to see a clearer picture of Capt.America in action but that looks pretty damn awesome. Man when is the first trailer coming?

THOR spoilers sound ok, still not sure I believe them. I can't wait to see this and the part on the Rainbow Bridge if true sounds awesome. Nothing about the secret cameo though. Maybe they didn't shoot that til after the movie was complete.

When you start drawing any sort of comparisons to Batman TAS I can't help but get excited. Now I really really nwant to see what they're doing with this new Ultimate Spiderman cartoon

LocoLobo73 1/3/2011 8:35:48 AM

If Paul Dini is involved with Marvel Animation, this is  great news, and I cant wait to see it. 

The Thor spoilers sound great , and I think your right Wise , the Renner stuff was more than likely done after principle photography was completed and it maybe an after credits scene.  which is why they poster who saw the early cut didnt see this scene. I read also that most of this cut was like the copy of Wolverine that was released on the internet with alot of unfinished FX. 

The Cpa Pic of him fighting the Red Skull looks pretty cool cant wait to see more of this flick, I heard that they are releasing the trailer with the Super Bowl , has anyone has heard that or can confirm it . What a great way to see the trailer , along with the Patroits whipping whomever has the unfortunate luck to face us in the SuperBowl. RED  WHITE and BLUE , HELL YEAH !!!!!!!! 

Thorn 1/3/2011 10:11:49 AM

The Green Lantern toys look as shitty as the CGI costumes.

I'm trying to be optimistic, really trying, I can almost deal with Ryan Reynolds being the way he is - but those CGI costumes... it just looks ridiculous. What a mistake.

Rheul_home 1/3/2011 10:14:00 AM

Those Thor spoilers werent so bad. I think its all along the lines we expected.

The Cap pics were a real jip.

The GL toys look like crap.

Im looking forward to the Spidey cartoon. If its just half as good as The Avengers we are in for a treat!

wessmith1966 1/3/2011 10:15:21 AM

If the spoilers are correct, the Thor storyline will be what I expect. Really looking forward to this movie. I'm really hoping to see a cap trailer soon. I think Evans looks great as cap.

madmanic999 1/3/2011 12:38:26 PM

Thor sounds good, but a few lines does not a good movie make... need to see these scenes play out.  I need to see the flying super strong Thor, anything less will be a disappointment, so I hope they don't tone his power down (that is kinda how it looks in the trailer).... GL toys look like crap, but most movie toys do... don't think this has much to do with the film quality.  GL needs to be a SCi Fi Super Hero movie, if they dumb it down, or jazz it up... it will suck... stick to the source material.  Hal is a hotshot risk taker, not a cocky one lining braggart.  Cap looks great in the old WW2 suit, but I am more concerned with the modern take... need to see more of that.  Once again, this movie needs to play out right, the character has a very distinct personality, if they try to make him the next Tony Stark, then this will circle the drain.

Kraken89 1/3/2011 3:14:51 PM

What confuses me with the comments of the new Spiderman series being compared to Batman: The Animated Series is that Batman is a rather dark character and wasn't portrayed as so on TV let alone animation in that tone before. However Spiderman isn't a dark character and has had at least three different animated series, plus the three Spiderman Movies. Unless I see Green Goblin outright killing people or a Sept.11th episode I won't be surprised by anything.

Thor spoilers and all still sounds awesome. I trust Branagh because he made the best adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, plus I believe he's got a very good and clear vision of Thor.

Captain America looks cool, but we've still yet to see him in mask and all, nor the Red Skull.

Green Lanter figures look kinda bad. Tomar Re looks a bit elongated and too much like an orange Parrot Fish. I'll wait and see on the video game. I just hope it's not another Superman Returns where the flying just distracts from the combat.

LocoLobo73 1/3/2011 4:50:01 PM

Kraken there was no combat in Superman Returns.the Flying was the only thing that looked cool in the whole movie, like when he catches the plan or stops the fire, other then that he got stabbed in the back and got kicked around the school yard by some poser bad guys, EPIC FAIL.

ponyboy76 1/4/2011 9:14:26 AM

The Thor spoilers sound pretty cool and as stated if legit are kind of what I expected. especially with Brannagh at the helm. In its essence, its a very Shakespearen story, which is good. Whomever wrote these spoilers doesn't sound much like comic book fan (frost people?, their planet?). I 'm curious about the Hawkeye cameo.  Renner was a great choice to play Clint Barton.



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