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evilbeagle 5/15/2011 3:12:16 PM

Caught Thor and Bridesmaids this weekend.  As everyone else has said, Bridesmades was a really funny movie.  Good for both me and the wife.

Thor was a good movie.  Probably just a small notch below Iron Man.  Thor's character change was a bit fast, but they would have been wrong to make the movie even longer IMO.  Overall, really fun movie that keeps up with Marvel's track record.


I guess it also confirms Loki as the villain for The Avengers.  I'm now optomisitc we're going to see Loki controlling Hulk for at least one battle...

FistofKhonsu 5/15/2011 4:20:21 PM

 THOR's success is going to boost THE AVENGERS on it's release. and yes the lesser known characters can be done well, BLADE kinda kicked all of this of for Marvel after all. I think Marvel should start prepping a MOON KNIGHT film, so that once NOLAN has finished with Batman, MOON KNIGHT can come step in and fill the void. I'd love to see SHROUD and PALADIN appear on the big screen

FOX are apparently prepping a new DAREDEVIL film... lets hope ythey can do it right, and I wish SOMEONE would get make a really good PUNISHER film. The last one was woeful.

I have to whole MOON KNIGHT trilogy mapped out based on the Doug Moench run. The first is the Origin and Bushman and Midnight Man, and the struggle with the concept of dying, rebirth and the possible intervention by a deity, The second "Blood and Shadows" has Moon Knight reject Khonshu in a struggle with Black Spectre and Scarlet. In he third, 'Gods and Monsters" Moon Knight is forced to accept Khonshu and the supernatural, and seeks advice from The Shroud  to help contend  with Werewolf (by Night) and Morpheus.....!

Bryzarro 5/15/2011 5:10:23 PM

 See I was pretty sure with Mothers day is why the Thor numbers didn't look as big as expected.  And this weekend is right where I thought it would be.  

karas1 5/15/2011 5:48:14 PM

Saw Thor with my 72 year old mother.  She enjoyed it very much.  We especially liked the part where the two hunky guys were mud wrestling...  LOL

The coming attractions featured Captain America, X-Men, Green Lantern and Cowboys and Aliens.  Lots of comic book movies this summer.

I'm not suprised that Fast Five is doing so well.  It's a fun movie.

decepticons2 5/15/2011 6:07:18 PM

Not sure how much Imax is in the states but in Canada its upto $18.75 and the dollars are almost the same or canadian being higher. Our Imax holds about 500 so thats $9375. Its always the first to sell out. So which ever movie gets the nationwide Imax will win week to week.

I am sure this summer will break records but have even lower attendance then ever. We have to soon be reaching a breaking point. Then all we will hear is complaints about piracy and not the fact that prices are almost $20 per ticket for imax and $12.75 for regular showings.

On the Thor note it was enjoyable. I skipped the 3D showing. The end fight is slow mo lame. Otherwise quite enjoyable.

wessmith1966 5/15/2011 6:28:36 PM

I figured Thor for $130-140 million here in the states. I'm really glad that it's doing so well. It shows Marvel that it can successfully bring lesser-known heroes like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye and others to the big screen. A good script, cast and director combined with a respect for the fan base is a winning combination (DC/WB are you taking notes?). Thor's success bodes well for Captain America in July.

POC Stranger Tides is critic-proof. The movie's definitely going to knock Thor off the top of the mountain next week. Personally, I was tired of the Jack Sparrow character after the second film, but I know I'll see it this weekend.

Priest wasn't great, but it was entertaining enough. I think it could have been better served as an R-rated movie.

Went to see Bridesmaids on date night and laughed so much. Melissa McCarthy was absolutely hilarious. I've thought she was great since her days on Gilmour Girls. With Mike and Molly on CBS and now Bridesmaids it's good to see her getting noticed as a very funny woman.

monelonmonday 5/15/2011 7:46:38 PM

just saw thor today,i thought it was great,it looked good,didnt drag,it seemed very faithful to canon as far as i could tell,the cap trailer looked even better on a big screen,cant wait.also knew that was how they would reference don blake(worked fine for me)thought the bit with hawkeye was good too,would have interesting to see what that arrow did.looks like its a good time to be a fanboy so much comin out.

tallman 5/16/2011 1:45:05 AM

 Have at thee box office!

Dazzler 5/16/2011 4:13:49 AM

I saw Priest.  Just ok movie with an over saturated market in vampire stuff.  Also it makes no sense to create a new world/Earth for this.  They should have just blended the story in real time to make it more interesting.  Sub story about gov taking over and abusing the people is not new either, not that it's happening right now right?

dalgoda 5/16/2011 6:31:16 AM

 I thought Thor would beat Fast Five at the box office.  I am a bit suprised that it won't.  That said, Thor has not been a disappointment, Fast Five has just done way better than expected.  I've only seen Fast & Furious 1 so so have not seen 5.  Thor was great though, especially for a character not easily translated to the big screen.

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