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Mania Grade: B

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  • Art Rating: B
  • Packaging Rating: B+
  • Text/Translatin Rating: B+
  • Age Rating: 13 & Up
  • Released By: ADV Manga
  • MSRP: 9.99
  • Pages: 190
  • ISBN: 1-4139-0077-1
  • Size: B6
  • Orientation: Right to Left

Those Who Hunt Elves Vol. #05

By Eduardo M. Chavez     December 21, 2004
Release Date: August 01, 2004

Those Who Hunt Elves Vol.#05
© ADV Manga

Creative Talent
Writer/Artist:Yagami Yu
Translated by:Eiko McGregor
Adapted by:

What They Say
That elf-stripping gang of misfits is back and the clothes are flying! This time, the group has its hands full. They find themselves trapped in the domain of the evil elf, Madame Grandbelle, whose sole purpose and goal is to rule the world. It’s up to the elf hunters to free the people from the iron yoke of their nefarious leader, but such a task will require a whole lotta gold! The gang finds the solution to their monetary woes in the most unlikely of places...

The laughs and the naked elves multiply as Junpei, Airi, and Ritsuko strip their way closer to home!

The Review
Packaged in a tall B6, this series is presented in its original right-to-left format. On the cover of this volume is the entire cast hanging out eating lunch, including Mike the cat-tank, on a brick background. This image full of reds and yellows is presented under ADV's strange looking red logo. They use their DVD logo, which has spirals for "O"s and places spirals in the "s"s. In some ways, it is more creative than the original logo but it still rubs me the wrong way. The opposite cover features a framed image Ritsuko and her gun above the large volume blurb. Inside, ADV includes a color volume header, omake - "making of..." notes for each chapter, and an ato-gaki: How to Buy Vegetables! Nice.

The printing for this series is off and on. Alignment issues are gone in this volume and the printing is pretty good. This is an improvement from the previous volume, but I wish they would keep the original size aspect as they did for Gunslinger Girls, Seven of Seven, and Full Metal Panic!

Those familiar with the anime might be thrown off a little by the character designs. Yagami's designs are a lot longer and they look very lanky. Airi and Ritsuko have waists that cannot be more than 16 inches in circumference. They look very lean and long and it is consistent from head to leg. Even beefy Junpei, who in the anime has a big upper body and skinny legs, looks much smaller and should have lower back issues because his chest area is still massive on top of his tiny abs. If he has a six-pack, it must be of mini 7-Up cans. Faces look very familiar though and for you Celcia fans out there she looks exactly the same.

Costumes in this fantasy can be pretty interesting. With the main theme of this series being striping one should expect to see a little variety in that area and Yagami-sensei does a good job here. Even the main characters tend to use different costumes here ever so often (IE Junpei has a new shirt at the end of this volume). This volume raises the background art level again, as the world these characters are in plays a larger role in this first arch of the series. The layout takes a slight step back to give the background art more flexibility, with simple panel placement but keeps the pacing high and perspective varied. Action scenes are also very good and in this volume, we get some intense individual battle scenes along with large army scenes. This volume starts to turn this series into a new direction overall and Yagami makes sure that almost every aspect of his work is running at its best.

ADV does a decent job here with the SFX. They are subbed and the translation of SFX is improving with experience. However, there are occasions where SFX are overlaid in situations where subbing would compromise art due to subs being too large for some panels. The translation appears to have returned to the level it was at the start of the series.

Once again, ADV has done an excellent job with a translation that keeps the drama and tension in good context. There is still some slang here and there, but it does not affect the context as much as it did in the previous volume. I appreciated that as this title has taken a more serious tone in this volume.

Contents: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
When the crew from Japan arrived in this fantasy world, they soon came to know how different this place was from their earth. First, it was the magic - Harry Potter and mahou-shojo are one thing but this was serious stuff. Then it was the little things - ghosts possessing inanimate objects and toilet paper making bears. Then there were the inhabitants - elves, monsters, and other mythical beings. Nothing is what it seems in this world and that applies to the basic laws of science as well.

Now, when Airi, Junpei and Ritsuko were getting close to home this world has fallen into great danger. If there is any chance for the gang to get back to Japan, they need to be able to move around the globe freely. With battles exploding, people dying and the entire global populous under the control of an evil elf all, there is no choice but stopping this magical coup. Who else better to do this than a gang professional elf strippers right!

This is one big elf to strip. Dawn, who happens to have a spell fragment tattooed on her, has the power to destroy lives. She can read minds with ease. She can see every individual born on this planet - flora or fauna. She controls the bonds that spiritually define the self on this world. Those rules do not apply to three desperate Japanese refugees. They have forces of "science" that govern them. Their spirit is not as easy to control either; actually, they are able to change the hearts of others with their brash honesty and determination. These four were never followers; they are fighters who take on challenges head on.

When the previous volume ended, I was pleased with where Yagami was going with his writing. While he would always keep continuity in this manga, he was only on occasion string two or three chapters together into a mini-arc. With the previous volume, Yagami started on his longest story yet - a two volume long idea that was left out of the anime. As a storyline, the Dawn arc fizzled off midway into this volume. Yagami appeared to be rushing to get back to elf stripping. While he was able to work on most of the new characters individually, he never gave much time to work on Dawn or how the gang was finally able to capture her. What he was able to do was expand on fantasy elements of the world he created. Now this world has some science, some culture and some social structure. This was necessary for a long series like this, and it gave him an excuse to extend the hunt for the spell fragments, which guarantees more of the elf stripping goodness readers have come to love.

When I think about Those Who Hunt Elves, the first thing that comes to mind is elves, action and curry! Based on that this series really does not have to do much else. Yagami was able to do that for three volumes and with the last two, he tried something new. The experiment was not perfect, but it created precedence for him to expand the world he created. Now with so much defined, he can continue to establish other planks to support his fantasy and develop his plot. Elves, action and curry is fine and good but Yagami is starting to show how much drama, mystery and longer better adventures will not hurt either.


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